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Marina and the Diamonds - 4th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. I'm Not Hungry Anymore is brilliant and I can see it fitting in Froot, the bridge is massive
  2. There's nothing bad on the album, but both Better Than That and Gold are a bit surplus to requirements, with the latter just being a bit boring.

    My main issues with the former is the lyrics (although sonically it's a bit pedestrian as well). Marina may have handed in her feminism royalty card on Can't Pin Me Down, bit even so, let's not totally absolve the male in the narrative of responsibility whilst simultaneously laying the blame at the "bitchy", "sour-faced" female subject. He's a fucking dawg Marina and is the one who actually cheated. Rip 'im a new one!!!
  3. Incredible, but then you see the brain-dead idiots in the comments caring more about the leaked track.
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  4. Better Than That is obviously the best song on the album, with the strongest middle 8 Marina's ever written (well, in shared first place with Starring Role's middle 8).
  5. @bichard Isn't it interesting that there's pretty much nothing musically objectionable about FROOT; it's just the lyrics in a few places that rub people the wrong way? I personally can't stand the rhyming of "exes" with "sex is" nor the whole "feminist anthem" nonsense. I love the melody and production of "Better Than That" but find myself wishing the subject matter was different. Marina's a great lyricist but she has a tendency to be rather unsubtle at times, and this track shows it.

    I wasn't on the forums at the time of FROOT's release so I missed all discussion of The Song That's Clearly About Ellie. What was the consensus, or are people still torn on it?
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  6. I can recall Marina sort of confirming Better Than That was about someone she knew who wasn't part of the music industry.
  7. If she could scalp me again with something even a quarter of the flawlessness of FROOT I'd be perfectly fine with that. Hopefully something will come in 2018.

    Now I've decided to go through her discography again.
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  8. New song registered. Fifth Harmony teas.
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  9. I know we already knew she was recording stuff but it's comforting to see her confirming it (as well as enjoying it).

  10. OMG war flashbacks to the infamous mickey phone as we all listened to the 15 second snippet of INHA for two and a half whole ass years
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  11. Froot really is flawless I still listen to it regularly, it was my favourite album of 2015 too, definitely a huge improvement on her debut.
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  12. Her debut is still her best album. By far.
  13. More:
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  14. I find the debut quite unlistenable in places due to how she uses her voice. Her vocals got infinitely better during and after Electra Heart.

    Each album has been better than the last. A good omen.
  15. What is this? How did it get so many likes? Blasphemy.
  16. Sorry for you, but the truth hurts.
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  17. Who read your palm and told you lies?
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  18. FROOT is her "best" album. The Family Jewels is my favorite though. It's just a work of unbridled personality, for better or worse.
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  19. Electra Heart is her best album and one of the best pop albums of the decade.
  20. @Mikal tells the truth: each album has gotten progressively better. The debut and Electra to a degree both lacked longevity. Froot is really her first totally gimmick-free album, and sounds all the more timeless for it.

    None of her albums are less than 7/10 though.
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