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Marina and the Diamonds - 4th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Yes. Timeless really is the best word for FROOT.
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  2. Not to extend the "Best Marina Album" debate any more, but Froot definitely suffered from same sound syndrome. A great deal of songs sort of blend into each other melodically and production-wise. I love "Gold" partially for how much it deviates from the album's overall sound. I feel like each of her albums hold such unique strengths and sounds and if she can meld all of them (the orginality of her debut, the pop hooks of Electra Heart, and the lyrical & vocal finesse of Froot) she can create a true smash.
  3. I know we're all Frooty Managers here, but who wouldn't want Marina to keep doing exactly what she's doing? She's a modern original like Lana (no wonder they're buds), she hasn't missed a step yet.
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  4. Preach.
    I remember listening to every song like 10 times before I went ahead to the next one.
    That album had a punch that the other two didn’t.

    They’re all solid 9/10 to me, but The Family Jewels will always be the Marina sound for me.

    Anyway, excited about her recording again!
    I thought she was going to uni tho?
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  5. Not only do I find Froot gimmick-free but also somewhat anemic. Lyrically it's treading old ground whilst musically it inherits neither the spark and bite from her debut nor the hooks from her sophomore.
    I don't wanna nitpick all the songs, but Forget seems like the perfect example: Lyrically we've heard that song a thousand times before from her. It's also using the exact same melody as the far superiour Numb but, unlike it, leads to that one-note-one-word bore of a chorus.
    I can't help but feel that she probably wasn't in the best place whilst creating Froot. And whilst that may speak to some people, the album's state of mind seems empty and stagnant to me - feelings I know all too well and therefore try to keep far away from my popmusic.

    The Family Jewels is still my absolute favourite album of hers. It's still fresh and energetic, filled to the brim with amazing lines and due to it's eccentric use of traditional instruments it has aged like a fine wine. I'm very much looking forward to what she has to offer in the future.
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  6. I do enjoy a good Marina “pop off” on social media. (This is re: Woody Allen)
  7. And she's quoting Kate Winslet, which is really disappointing.
  8. Okay but write a banger on this topic and release it k thanks.
  9. Call it "Thorns of a Rose," please.
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  10. "I'm starting to write music again."


    But when are you going to start recording again?
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  11. Wait, didn't she say she was in the studio recording a few weeks ago?

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  12. I hate her. I love her.
  13. She looks snatched in that lil video.
  15. So proud of her!
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  16. Screaming. I love her so much.
  17. Electra Heart is her best overall era, in that it was such an encompassing thing in terms of aesthetic and theme.

    beautifully showed her evolution as a songwriter, but my favourite will always be The Family Jewels.
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  18. She's so amazing.
  19. Her little trip down memory lane is so cute. I would assume that she’s gearing up to really start devoting her time to new music, since she’s reminiscing about past eras.
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  20. Cheers to that.

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