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Marina And The Diminishing Returns - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Hmm yeah she could've kept it.
  2. It's better than Love + Fear, but coming out with this the week Agnes and Dagny give the gays everything they want is very Marina. It's a shame for her.
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  3. The post-chorus is weak but I actually really enjoy the rest.
  4. I saw it twice and Enjoy Your Life went the fuck off both times, the crowd loved that one. To Be Human and Orange Trees also. It wasn't that the new material got a shrug.
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  5. She should have done better Clean Bandit lites at this point of her career but here we are.
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  6. The new songs got good reactions but they definitely weren't as strong as older material is what I was saying. But there's also truth that at my show only a few L+F tracks were loved by the crowd.
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  7. This is even too weak to put it on Love + Fear and that says a lot.
  8. This is a cute soundtrack moment. I'll use, but will forget all about it in a month.
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  9. I played the new song ten seconds ago but I've already forgotten how it goes.
  10. I don't wanna run away so I stay

    is probably her laziest attempt at filling in a blank.

    A true


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  11. Another song that Marina's written in the aisles of T.J. Maxx HomeGoods. Why is she like this now??
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  12. Maybe she'll get her mojo back for the new album... but I'm losing hope, y'all.
  13. Could she have atleast used Please Don't Call Me or uploaded I'm Not Hungry Anymore? This new song is just.. yeah.
  14. It happens all the time... With every artist.
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  15. Just have the new teach a listen, and it's frothy nothingness. But it is catchy as hell. I'll use.
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  16. Not me spending ten minutes trying to find this because of Marina Lima. After listening to it I can safely say I put in more effort than her.
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  17. It's not too bad actually.
    Well below what I'd expect for Marina but had someone I had no expectations for released this I'd be satisfied.

    I'm assuming it's a Love + Fear scrap so it's hard to judge whether she's aware of the mistakes made with that album.
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  18. Every time I read "It's XXXXX on Auto-Pilot" I imagine a plane hitting a mountain or a car just driving out of a bridge nn.

    The song is... Love+Fear (The Scared Of Feelings Deluxe Version) but alright. I just wish she would move on from the sound. It's not... working. For me it's Electra Heart done wrong where she decided to pick cheap instrumentals and write a song just to call it "POP".
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  19. About Love is better than about 75% of Love+Fear
  20. Well yeah I know. I said that because someone said the new songs got the warmest reactions.

    Although I've found that it only happens with well-established artists; when I saw Kim Petras or Allie X the albums they were promoting got the loudest cheers but when I saw Lana Del Rey and Marina the classics were received noticeably better.
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