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Marina And The Diminishing Returns - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. What a bar to clear.
  2. I really like this
  3. Uh this is somehow growing? I'm kind of digging the hell out of this.
  4. I’m enjoying this actually.
  5. I've said the exact same thing about my blackheads.
  6. Why is this song tagged as the artist "Marina Lima" on Apple Music? I'm howling.
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  7. The track may be in the same vain as Love + Fear sonically but it's more self-aware and as a result feels more tight and high energy. A teeny tiny step up.
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  8. I'm... scared to listen to this, and I didn't even hate L+F
  9. It's just as threadbare as Love + Fear, undoubtedly from the same sessions so I'm not that surprised.
  10. I'm more fond of Love + Fear than most of the people on this forum, but I just played "Sex Yeah" and that song slaps. That single song is better than everything on L+F.
  11. It's not music related but I want to applaud Marina for this post:

    I started spotting first grey hairs when I was 23, now I'm 25. Of course my experience is not the same as in Marina's case, but it still makes me feel a bit anxious for the same reasons as she described it in her post. I knew going grey was gonna come soon for me - all women on my Mom's side got grey early, all were/are dyeing their hair. Also the fact that I'm a typical worrier/overthinker must be a contributing factor too. There's no need to color my hair yet, I just pluck out the ones that are in visible places. I'm a brunette so sometimes when I see a new grey hair I automatically think "I hope no one noticed it". Another thought that occurs is "it shouldn't be happening in my mid 20's". Sorry for this personal rant, it's just something that resonated with me strongly and I guess I needed to get that off my chest.
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  12. Just listened to "About Love" and it's fine, I guess. Basic, but pleasant enough.
    Like most of you already said, it's very reminiscent of "LOVE + FEAR", probably because it was written around that time.

  13. This needs posting in the PCD thread for the 'omg she's 40 but can still walk!!?' squad.

    I had a medical issue years ago and I actually think it was because I was dying my beard every week - as it went away once I stopped.
  14. the millions just won't stop pouring in!

  15. Fff to no ones surprise I love this song and it’s place in the movie.
  16. The piano during the intro and verses in About Love sounds a lot like that in Too Afraid. The intro is almost identitical.

  17. Lana found leaking Pepsi Cola
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  18. The absolute irony of her caption.....
  19. I'm a huge Marina apologist, but I'm getting a bit tired of the recycling. Started back with FROOT, no?
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  20. The one positive thing I will say about Miss Karina is that I appreciate her for being open about greying and starting to embrace it. It's a cool look on her, and I do like that she's normalizing something that shouldn't have such a weird stigma around it, especially for women.
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