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Marina And The Diminishing Returns - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.


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    My bank account right now:

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  2. Marina really tweeted that monstrosity and said, "Okay, that's enough activism for today. <3"

    The next time she opens her mouth, it better be to say that she's opening her purse.
  3. Especially since she took Twitter to task last year about how she was a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE!
  4. [​IMG]
    You have to be mentally ill to be a cop. / Stream love + fear
  5. extremely off topic but your username!!!!!!! i stan
  6. Omg i had enough of her stupidity and just unfollowed her. I missed the days when social networks didn’t exist and we didn’t have to hear dumb things celebs have to say. Such an easier time!
  7. what
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  8. At this point my problem isn't only about her, but can everyone stop playing armchair psychologists? Leave that to qualified and trained professionals, who, if they have any respect for their field, will never diagnose someone just on the basis of superficial descriptors, especially if they've never met the person in question. That's not how it works.

    I don't want "cops are mentally ill" to become the new "X or Y is a sociopath or has narcissistic personality disorder!" like I see on social media all the time for other sensitive cases. Drawing such suspicious links does absolutely nothing to help the cause, and continues to propagate stereotypes about people suffering from mental health issues. It's not something to be used as a "gotcha!", like no one cares if you guessed a diagnosis right or not. It's just... gross.

    I guess the wider point is there are so many things she could've done with her platform, instead she had to tweet... that.
  9. The very last post she made on Instagram about trying better to be an ally and educate herself was surprisingly uncringeworthy by recent Marina standards so of course she has to follow it up with that tweet. Ugh.
  10. She needs to focus on actually making her music good again rather than spewing edgy hot takes for social media clout.
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  11. well..... you got me thinking now merna
  12. It's time she got somebody to run her social media for her. Or at least to check everything she posts.
  13. For a while last year she wasn't doing her own social media. It was very obvious because every post felt written by the gay intern. Suddenly those seem like halcyon days...
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  14. The All Lives Matter energy of this tweet sfsghslghsgljslgljfg MERNA
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  15. NOT ‘HUMAN RACE’ ahdhfjemkad she damn finally lost ha plot!
  16. Why does she think she's in a place where she can teach people something.
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  18. She's a parody at this point.
  19. Google "Marina and the Diamonds" and "psychology course". She likes to talk about it.

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