Marina And The Diminishing Returns - Love + Fear

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Wow. I can't believe how negative people are being about one half of the album project. There are some very lovely songs, some... and I am sure there are some more to come.

I love Marina and I am so pleased she's still making music. I would hardly call this "her Sheezus". I doubt Marina is in the same headspace that Lily was in during that era. It's not really a fair comparison.
Only listened to the new tracks once but I'm living for the return of The Diamonds with True and To Be Human. They are both the clear highlights for me, and are stronger than any of the singles she had dropped from this project. To Be Human feels like a little sister for Savages, which is still one of my absolute favourite Marina tracks.

End of the Earth is good, but I don't love it instantly. I think it may grow on me however.

Interesting that despite this being the Love side of the album, it feels pretty icy and dystopian (besides Orange Trees and Enjoy Your Life) so I'm hoping that means the Fear side is even darker as that's usually where her songwriting shines.
I see LOVE hasn't been released on iTunes like it has on streaming, so really they just put the last few tracks out and the full thing will be available on 26th.

I mean, you're right and you're not. I think back to Marina's most affecting lyrics and reflect on how they hit me as a twenty-two year old who was still learning and maturing and still to become more emotionally nuanced and articulate. As a twenty-eight year old, I listen back and acknowledge their power back then, but don't feel it now. This is the same with a lot of artists; it's hardly a new thing. Music commonly impacts you in the era of its release. Fine.

But most artists also... grow. To be fair, I think Marina did this on FROOT where the lyricism was far less melodramatic and... bratty, and far more emotional and reflective (it's her best album; fight me), so for this to be a step back feels weird. And again, it would be fine. There are plenty of artists who stay in a wheelhouse... but those artists aren't out here changing stage names and vaunting their much-changed world view after getting a university degree before coming back with *gestures vaguely at anonymous production and bland album covers* all this.

I don't know. This is where my original question of wondering if Marina had a relevant space in 2019 came from. For all the talk of change, it still feels like she's trying to speak to the same 2012 Tumblr teens she connected with back then, not realising that most of them are in their twenties now. My world view and how I communicate it has changed drastically not only since Electra Heart, but since Froot, and since she went away. It's something that's constantly evolving for all of us. On all counts, I don't really feel like she's moved on, and if she has, she's communicated it terribly. Which leads us to this: there must be more intriguing, interesting ways to write about being happy. Like, sis, you did a whole damn psychology degree and your takeaway from this is that all humans feel feelings?

Hmm, I have to agree. I don't think the music itself this era is bad, but so far she hasn't demonstrated any growth. I feel similiarly that it's not connecting in the same way her previous albums did upon release when we were younger. From Electra Heart to Froot there was a clear matured progression. That doesn't seem to be the case with this era. However, I think there's hope for the 'Fear' side, and I'm still enjoying having new Marina music.
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I wasn't one to believe in the "artists get really boring when they find happiness" kind of theory... Hell, we even got the stunning High As Hope last year.

But this project... yikes. The most uninteresting Marina has ever sounded. The blandest and less inspiring lyrics she could ever come up with. I can't honestly describe how disappointed I have been since Superstar, these new tracks just confirmed my thoughts.
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