Marina And The Diminishing Returns - Love + Fear

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Obviously I’m elated she’s doing well mentally and that she seems to be in a good place, and I can understand wanting to move past it in her art because of how deeply rooted in pain her previous material was. Tone-deaf as it is, I can even understand her using “normal” to an extent because for her, this probably is her “normal”. But it makes me a bit sad to see her so...out of her depth? She’s clearly not unintelligent, and it’s great that she wants to promote mental wellness, but her perspective on it definitely comes across as more...half-formed than anything - I’m not sure if it’s growing pains or what, but she’s couched some fairly decent points in bad wording and it’s jarring to see.
. Tone-deaf as it is, I can even understand her using “normal” to an extent because for her, this probably is her “normal”.

Yes. I definitely didn't think it came from any negative space at all, and perhaps used by mistake (with her comparing her currently with how she used to be), but as you mentioned, I would have hoped she would have used a better word considering she has, and still does, champion mental wellness.
Explains why this era will be over in three weeks.
She seems to have the Miley habit of wanting to forget about each era as she moves on to her next....

I don’t think that’s true - she spent much of the talk on Friday talking about Froot and Electra Heart, her experiences with making the albums and her state of mind during the process. Her last tour was broken up into 3 distinct components to represent each album. She obviously sees her albums as distinct and standalone pieces of work but that’s different to forgetting about them.
The lyrics on (Live, Laugh,) Love are light years behind what I've come to expect from Marina. I'm quite surprised she's opted to paint in such broad strokes, as her writing has previously seemed so intimate and specific. At times I feel like I'm listening to a Katy Perry album - no shade, I love Katy, but I know with her I'll be getting platitudes like "Sit back and enjoy your problems / You don't always have to solve 'em". Marina always approached her song's subject differently in her own (not entirely original, but not generic) way - compare "Enjoy Your Life" with "Blue" or "I Am Not a Robot", for instance.

With that said, I really can't help but warm to this album. She's clearly in a much better place, mentally and emotionally, and the joy and catharsis in these tracks is infectious. The production complements them massively, too - "End of the Earth" definitely ranks with her best because of it, and the synthy middle-eight of "Orange Trees" leaves the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. So, I'm a teensy bit disappointed overall, but playing on repeat regardless.
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