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Marina And The Diminishing Returns - Love + Fear

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. she did!

  2. problem?

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  3. Whatever happened to the song she teased back in March?
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  4. I love quirky piano songs about feeling and dying. Icon.

    That's it that's my praise.
  5. dddd I like the Karma video, it gives me FROOT era teas
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  6. I relistened to this earlier because I was curious to see if it was as bad as I remembered and... yeah. Believe In Love & End of the Earth are both worthy enough of going on my Marina playlist but everything else is such a mess.

    I will say that Fear is definitely the better half of the album though. Some of those songs could've been great if they were fleshed out a bit more.

    To Be Human might be the worst thing she's ever written. Enjoy Your Life is also a lot more condescending & annoying than I remember it being.
  7. Sam


    To Be Human has some nice harmonies

    That’s all I can remember about this record
  8. Although the lyrics aren't great 'To Be Human' went off on tour and was a highlight for me.
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  9. So... who's been sitting back and enjoying their problems since the coronavirus hit?

  10. The video choreo is very Tik Tok!
  11. The production value as well!
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  12. Melodically it's really cute, the verses sound haunting. I switch my brain off to non-native English speaker when I listen to it, though. I sometimes catch myself singing "THE PAGODAS!" out of nowhere.
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  13. To Be Human can be a soft Handmade Heaven replica but it still snaps a little, even with those wonky lyrics. Last chorus with all those ad-libs is a bliss.
  14. "To Be Human" is definitely in my top 3 songs from "LOVE + FEAR". The melody is classic Marina and it's perfection. The lyrics usually don't put me off in songs, it's probably the language barrier.

    "Baby" and "End of the Earth" complete my trinity.
  15. [​IMG]

    Albeit basic, I'm still a bit pissed that she didn't try to squeeze the album a bit more. Soft to be Strong could have done something with the locals.

  16. You think? I don't have much a taste for what would do well with the public but I honest to god think Soft To Be Strong is one of the weakest on the album.

    Had she been a bit... smarter with Karma I think that could have done pretty well.
  17. My relationship with this album is a weird one. I actually really like the album! Yet I think it completely strips away everything I liked about marina to begin to. Quite simply, the album is basic but enjoyable. And because of that it’s probably her most accessible album

    Basic + Enjoyable
  18. I love Soft to Be Strong. It's a beautiful song whose melodic/sonic simplicity works in its favour.

    Top 5 with To Be Human, End of the Earth, Believe In Love and Handmade Heaven I'd say.
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  19. I wish she had done more with Handmade Heaven. More performances, more interviews etc. I know Baby was used at the defacto lead, but still.

    I adore the entirety of Love, Believe In Love, You, Too Afraid & Soft To Be Strong.
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  20. this is where it all started...

    I would prefer an album full of handmade heavens, a fine bop......
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