Marina And The Diminishing Returns - Love + Fear

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#12 Indonesia (-2)
#16 United Kingdom (-2)
#30 Mexico (-11)
#34 Singapore (-30)
#36 Austria (+24)
#40 Hong Kong (+24)
#41 Germany (-5)
#49 Italy (-5)
#50 Russia (+20)
#51 Australia (-3)
#52 Canada (-9)
#63 Switzerland (-16)
#77 Taiwan (-23)
#84 Spain (-60)
#94 Turkey (-72)
#95 United States (-12)
#97 Netherlands (-57)
#102 Ireland (-77)
#112 Norway (-80)
#113 Denmark (-65)
#114 New Zealand (-45)
#118 Belgium (-32)
#134 Brazil (-61)
#169 Thailand (-14)
#176 Japan (NE)
#200 South Africa (NE)

#33 Finland (+1)
#93 United Kingdom (-43)
#109 Norway (-46)
#162 Worldwide (-60)
#187 Canada (-50)
#192 Brazil (NE)

Marina's flopping power being stronger than Clean Bandit's charting power. She's so unlucky...


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Luis Fonsi could so get it. I think there's a bit too much going on in Baby, but Marina sounds good and looks incredible in the video.
nn imagine it was their first bomb.

Grace’s #45-peaking lead vocal on “Come Over” remains unbothered.

So, is Marina hungry again? Bopby is obviously good, and she looks like a megastar in the video. Doing similar collaborations to keep her in the public eye, while preserving her artistic growth in her solo material would be amazing.
I know it's a lighthearted joke but anytime someone mentions this song I can only think of her struggles with eating disorders *sad face*

Ugh, I actually get that with Obsessions. I was mostly referring to the unreleased song , I'm Not Hungry Anymore, which is clearly about fame. She seems to be in a great place now, relating to both herself and her career goals.
Although I was lurking on this thread, I completely forgot to say that I've decided to listen to Marina (and the Diamonds) albums and unreleased songs, and it was a clever decision.
While back, I remember loving "Primadonna" and the music video (mostly because of, well...her features) and then discovering "Bubblegum Bitch", but it ended on that. And, finally, earlier this year I've heard Marina's full discography.
I adore her voice and the way she creates such beautiful melodies. There's a hint of mysteriousness and a haunting vibe that makes her music even more unique.
It's hard for me to rank her albums, it changes from time to time and they're all good in their own ways, but I think my favorite is "Electra Heart". All three of her albums have many amazing gems, and are really stellar.

I've just heard "Baby" and it is so good, I love it! It's such a signature Marina melody mixed with Latino influences.

Looking forward to her next album.
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