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Marina And The Disastrous Thread - Love + Fear

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Starring Role is her best song, I’m hoping this is similar
  2. 'ADELE' found fuming!
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  3. It’s not. It’s literally a ballad - piano, not much more.
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  4. Honestly Marina is at her best when doing ballads. Fear and Loathing, Obsessions, Lies... Sis really excells at it. Even her bops usually have that dramatic, cathartic feel about them, so I'm very curious about her first ballad-as-first-single.
  5. Umm not much more than a piano? Have you watched the show, Tamar?
  6. Not one of you has even mention I'm a Ruin.
  7. Mid-tempo?
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  8. Do we even know why we think it’s a ballad?
  9. She said so on Twitter.
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  10. I will scream for eternity if she just said the word ‘ballad’ just to get some of these gays foaming at the mouth with anger for the kii but it actually turns out to be a banger.

    I’m excited for a ballad.
  11. Because she’s said herself it’s one
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  12. Wat? I’m on about Handmade Heaven - it’s nothing like Starring role.
  13. *cough*
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  14. I don't really regard "I'm a Ruin" as a ballad. It's more in the "sad bop" category for me.
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  15. This. Happy and True Colours are ballads.
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  16. I love the true colors cover so much.
    The random leak and then upload on her profile and performed on few shows...

    But I kinda expected Handmade Heaven to be more into "midtempo" than Piano-Ballad itself. Something starting on piano and then growing a little. Obsessions maybe?
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  17. This really should've made the album. Top tier FROOT material.
  18. It would've sat nicely alongside "Better Than That."
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  19. Say non-existent one more time.
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  20. I... hope these aren’t lyrics.
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