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Marina - Fifth Album + Man's World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. This has been on repeat all day, I love it.
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  2. tea


    Not me seeing this gif in another thread and not even registering it was Marina or she had a new song out.

    First listen, I like it. The video definitely elevates it. Gorgeous greek gowns indeed.

    The lyrics are standard Marina; clunky, she's trying to do everything, but ends up doing nothing. She definitely benefits from singing in cursive. Without the context behind Marilyn and the hotel, it's easy to read that verse as "homophobic but owns a campy hotel? must be gay :P", which perhaps wouldn't be the case if the song was well-written. It's like a Facebook eecard come to life. I don't think she has the range for the deep social commentary she aims for.

    The production and the vocals is where this really shines. It's an enjoyable listen, but I already forget how it goes dd.

    Marina coming for my brand!
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  3. I've had this on repeat all day. I'm ready for whatever she wants to serve us. I don't mind the lyrics to be honest.
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  4. I don’t mind the song but boy does “MARINA” look hideous as an artist name. I have to make it “Marina” in my own library.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I like Man's World. Clunky lyrics aside, I can't resist Merna's vocals and that dreamy, ethereal soundscape.

    I also like the line Marilyn's bungalow, it's number seven. I love a Monroe reference, but it also reminds me a bit of the scene in Mulholland Drive where the two women search the apartment complex.
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  7. A second demo of Miss Y leaked. It's more finished and a little more polished than the first leak.
  8. "Man's World" is quite great, actually. Nothing groundbreaking by any means and it's got that typical Marina melodic passage (then again, which song of hers doesn't?), but I really like the song.It's no "Primadonna" nor "Froot", obviously, but definitely an improvement sonic-wise compared to her last album and I would put it right next to "Handmade Heaven", when it comes to lead singles.
    The instrumental and production has much more warmth to it (and reminds me of "FROOT"), whereas "LOVE + FEAR" felt so static and bland. The chorus could grow on me, but that post-chorus is lovely, I love the melody. It doesn't get enough praise here. And also the second 'I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore' line has such a gorgeous delivery.
    Speaking of which, I was confused by the post-chorus at first - it's sounds so... muffled.

    And the music video is very pleasing visually, I love the colours and Marina is looking gorgeous, as per usual. I'm really digging this 'hippie Greek goddess' look she's going for.

    The lyrics are clunky, especially the second verse, but have their charms, which are kinda similar to "The Family Jewels" era.

    Basically this is where I'm at:
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  9. Is it bad I was genuinely more excited to hear the Radioactive and Miss Y demo leaks over the release of Man's World? Mourning the fact that I used to ride so hard for her music but since Love + Fear I just.. don't care.
  10. If this isn't me.
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  11. Hold Me, Bump in the Night, and the Radioactive demo are all quite good. Much better than anything this side of Froot.

    I think I prefer the demo of Radioactive to the final version. It's very 90s.
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  12. I bopped for a day and now I’m completely over this dddd.
  13. I’m so happy she’s back and back on form . This is better for me than anything on her last album
  14. Man's World is actually quite lovely. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the lyrics of the second verse, they just feel kinda out of place, but it's so nice to finally hear an organic guitar sound again.
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  15. Every time I think she can’t bottom herself lyrically... she does.
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  16. This "Radioactive" demo has me more excited than "Man's World." This version is so cool, what the fuck? It sounds like a polished remix.
  17. It's a little sad that Eternity, in all of its early 2010's faux-Kaskade glory, slaps way harder than Man's World... And I say this as someone who's been mildly enjoying her newest single.
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  18. I've had it on repeat for half hour dd. I love this version of the song, the guitar breakdown with the lower harmony before the final chorus kicks in is a nice touch as well.

    I remember her saying that the original version of Radioactive was more guitar-led, I suspect this is an earlier version of that. DJ Chuckie sent them a new mix in the final hour and she decided to go with the EDM-bop version. This is so cool to hear though.
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  19. This is a good song but is definitely more of the same that we got with Love + Fear.

    However, I’m a Love + Fear apologist so I don’t mind. I’ve made a brilliant 11 track album out of that one.
  20. Im crying at the 'Radioactive' demo being S&M. What a song
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