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Marina - Fifth Album + Man's World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. I'm surprised by the lukewarm response to "Man's World", especially when "Handmade Heaven" was mostly praised, if I recall correctly (especially when it also falls into the 'it's a song by Marina' category, just with a colder production).
    I mean, I'm not a huge fan of either, but the difference in reactions is notable, at least to me.
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  2. I just caught up on all the demos from last era hoping that maybe there was something more interesting lyrically, but overcame with dread that it seems she did try to write more introspectively and about her own issues only for them to... not really have any bite or success.

    Ironically, I actually really like Soft To Be Strong on the last album just because it has some lyrics addressing her feelings of worthlessness that remind me of bits of Froot like Happy.

    Becoming a millionaire really was the worst thing to happen to her art ddd.

    Though I did notice she sings so... plainly nowadays. She flattened out a lot of quirks that obviously made her sound like she was singing in italics but had such charm on her debut.
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  3. I'm afraid things aren't going to change anymore. Something happened (maybe becoming a millionaire or finally being happy with someone). The truth is she’s feeling confortable now and that's why she's not going deep into her emotions anymore. She could focus on lyrics with calm and happy themes instead of trying to write on old themes that she had success before. Today it doesn’t make any sense, since she no longer goes through these situations, and it shows in the quality of the lyrics, which seems uninspired and only a little bit of what she once was
  4. On a more positive note, another demo of 'Miss Y' has leaked. Prefer the version we already had, but it's cool to hear.
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  5. This is the definition of meh.
  6. I like this, which is more than I can say for most of Love and Fear.

    I’m cautiously optimistic.
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  7. This is a big one for me. Her voice used to strain and hiccup and bellow. There was a sort of barely contained emotion to it that really spoke to me. The way she sings "Oh, you think I'm unfit," in The Family Jewels just dripping with disdain, or the nervous little trills in Obsessions... All of that's gone now in favor of her more operatic, silky head-voice. It's still gorgeous, but I did love the sheer brashness and nuance she was able to pack into her actual vocals, clunky lyrics or none.
  8. The discussion about vocals is interesting. I listened to The Family Jewels last week for the first time in four or five years and found it to be just tew extra when it came to the vocal performances. Previously I lived for it but my tastes have changed I guess! I Am Not a Robot, Obsessions and Hollywood still hold up tremendously well though.

    I've come around a lot more to Electra Heart recently. Again, another album I haven't listened to in god knows how long but I think she sounds fantastic and the quality of pop is top notch. Bubblegum Bitch, Lies, Starring Role, Teen Idle, Radioactive are all fantastic. Probably my second favourite behind Froot where I feel like she mastered her craft. Vocals were deeper, stronger and more confident but the eccentricities were still there.

    Love + Fear.. she really recorded one or two takes of each song and said "done" ddd. That album really undid all the things that made her special.
  9. I think the vocals are mainly a natural part of artist's evolution and perhaps happen due to ageing/maturity.
    Take Lady Gaga, for example - her vocal affectations of the late 00's/early 10's are gone and she uses a more 'organic' singing voice in the recent years, no matter the genre. A lot of the 'edge' artists lose over time often appears to happen as they grow older (P!nk is probably the best example here). It's a shame, but it isn't universal and doesn't apply to all artists, of course.

    Marina's quirks from "The Family Jewels" are definitely what made her stand out, and, with each album, she toned those affectations down, until there weren't any on "LOVE + FEAR". It just feels like she's moved on from that, which is a pity, but I respect that as it appears to happen on its own and isn't something that exclusively happened to her. Of course, I do miss those unique vocals and wish Marina still incorporated them in her music, and it reasonably has fans being underwhelmed by her recent output.
    Despite missing those quirks, I adore the tone of her voice anyways and there's definitely hope that this album will be very good, even without them.
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  10. This is depressing just because I sadly think it's true and it hits the mark on where her lyrics actually shined - in that, a lot of her early work wasn't especially remarkable or sophisticated songwriting, but she often touched on subjects and wrote about things in a way that felt very unique and in a way many would be too nervous to share or similarly do.

    There's an insecurity and anxiety throughout her songwriting that was often expressed in such a blunt way that perfectly articulated those kinds of feelings of depression, paranoia, insecurity, and ultimately self-loathing that often people would be too embarrassed to let out.

    "Immortal" tries to wax poetic about the world, but makes itself interesting by articulating the very personal insecurity of wanting to become special and important before dying - that very private fear of your life being meaningless and how to reconcile that.

    "There is no crime in being kind" could be a lyric off of "Love + Fear", but instead of being pushed as earnest advice to others, it is sandwiched between devastating lyrics about Marina confronting and acknowledging how unhappy she is. It takes a real emotional weight for someone to essentially say that their life is full of misery, that they're a bitter person, that they constantly change who they are for others, don't actually know who they are, and that they're realizing it's actually their fault for the place of self-loathing they've found themselves in.

    Obviously I'm happy if she's happy, but it's sad the shift in tension in her life means she's lost the kind of ability to articulate certain things like no one else does.
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  11. So, she's at least still trying some type of different rollout

    It's lowkey interesting and some mess might happen. Perched.

    It also gives me "FROOT OF THE MONTH" tease, unless she will try to push singles-after-album with this idea too.
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  12. If her Tumblr stans are still around (and drawing) it has no choice but to be messy.
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  13. Not this showing up on the website as a submission
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  14. I understand why people put Froot above it, but Electra Heart will probably always be my favorite Marina album & one of my all-time favorites in general. It's a bulletproof pop album. Some of the production has aged a bit but I still listen to the whole thing regularly.

    Feel like pure shit just want her back x
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  15. Froot is far and away her best album - full of her best qualities and largely devoid of her worst qualities. The rest of her discography wishes.
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  16. It says winners will be notified in mid January... so I guess we'll be waiting awhile for more info on the album itself?
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The leaked demos are cute at least ddd.

    Bump in the Night is like Miss Y in the verses and Living Dead (and Bey's Sweet Dreams) in the production and chorus.

    Eternity is nice too. The production sounds like a darker version of Radioactive.

    They're nice extras, but I can't see them having a place on the album unless they did a companion EP during the era with Living Dead, Bump in the Night, Eternity, and Electra Heart (song).
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Family Jewels remains her strongest album overall for me. Electra Heart has aged terribly and Froot's back half is forgettable.
  19. Oh, here's the tea.
  20. Froot's back half is definitely a foot off the accelerator pedal but the first six tracks are so relentlessly fucking incredible that honestly it doesn't matter. That's easily her strongest record.

    I didn't love Electra Heart for ages but it's second place for me now. Family Jewels has a few highs but I find her voice a bit much on it teebs. Some of those "quirks" people miss in her vocal these days were... grating. And the songwriting is also hit and miss.
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