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Marina - Fifth Album + Man's World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. I haven’t returned to this at all since it came out, it got two plays and while it’s fine I just don’t feel bothered?
  2. I mean, isn't this the case with most artists? Fans connected with the pain and struggles reflected in their lyrics, but eventually fame and fortune ironed out that underdog discontent. Same reason why people get excited about post-divorce albums.
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  3. You're right, but most artists still managed to make great music and lyrics and don't change their stage name dddd
  4. The Family Jewels and Electra Heart are her masterpieces. We’ll always have those.
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  5. Made obsolete by Froot. I'll never forget the absolute RUSH on first hearing this... Come back

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  6. This song is atrocious. She’s really unashamedly pushing for two abysmal albums in quick succession.
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  7. FROOT is a little too smoothed over and staid production-wise (title track aside) to be one of my favorites. Solidly third in her discography though for me.
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  8. I’m truly perplexed at how anyone could hate this. I played a lot of her back catalogue the other day and ended on this, and maybe it has the benefit of being new, but it stood out above much of her previous work.
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  10. The Family Jewels remains near and dear to my heart. Most tracks have become more painfully relatable as the years march onward. It captures the depression, the anxiety, the rejection, the uncertainty, the obsessive thinking, and the fear of failure that have gripped me by the neck since starting my early twenties. The Family Jewels both soothes me like a balm and alerts me with a sting of reality.

    “Numb,” “Obsessions,” “I Am Not a Robot,” “Oh No,” “Mowgli’s Road,” and “Are You Satisfied” still cut me to my core, forcing me to look inside myself at the nervous child navigating this harsh world.

    Alongside Pure Heroine by Lorde, it’s a coming-of-age album that hits me like no other.
  11. Her music needs some “edge” again. I’m not writing her off with this single, but it could pack more punch.
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  12. We were actually warned in 2014

  13. Listening to Happy in hindsight makes me mad, look at what you're capable of doing Marina! Read back those lyrics and how achingly beautiful and poignant they can be!
  14. The fact I haven’t played this since a few first listens on the release day...

  15. The way I’ve been bopping to this increasingly despite knowing it’s just another poor/problematic reheated bop in a long line of them

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  16. I would like to take a minute to remember this masterpiece

    Truly her best work (and one of the best pop songs of the decade!)
  17. Well I love Man’s World and I’m very much here for the sentiment and the video too.
  18. Looking at the comment section of 'Man's World' on YT, I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
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  19. Me looking for an ounce of personality in the new song

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  20. Marina responding to the coronavirus epidemic:
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