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Marina - Fifth Album + Man's World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Yeh Man’s World didn’t do much for me in the long run it was a cute girl for a couple of spins but i won’t be returning as much as pretty much any of her leads (yes including Handmade Heaven)
  2. He


    I barely played the video once. I almost feel like mourning my Marina stan days.

    It's not like Lana where it was easy to abandon, as she proved to be an ignorant mess. I keep hoping Marina will do something interesting...
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  3. It baffles me that artists are still starting eras without having a full body of work ready to go in case something catches on? It's Never Really Over all over (he) again... without the good music ññ

    Oh, well. I'll give it a spin whenever it comes and see where it lands.
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  4. Electra Heart is one of the albums featured in the Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore, along with the second albums by PJ-favourite acts such as Florence + the Machine, Janelle Monáe and Lorde. Feel free to join!

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  5. Marina being an Erika Jayne fan...

    Of course.
  6. So... a new Man's World Remix is coming with Pabllo Vittar

  7. Marina will never be in that predicament.
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  8. RMK


    Can she release a different song
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  9. Keep in mind that it’s not confirmed that the collab is for Man’s World. That part is a rumor.
  10. That's an extremely random collab but good for Marina I guess, I'm sure it'll get her a ton of extra exposure.
  11. I wonder what our chances are of a 10th anniversary vinyl repress of Electra Heart next year? Wouldn't be surprised if they do a cute Pink Swirl edition or something with some bonus tracks.
  12. A cute super deluxe edition with the missing tracks from streaming would be nice.
  13. Maybe she could reissue Electra Heart as M5 instead.
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  14. They didn't do some type of special reissue for Family Jewels so I don't know if I'd expect one for Electra
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  15. It would be nice to have Electra Heart, the song, on streaming.
  16. It’s on the US Spotify. Under “Betatraxx” Not in the UK?
  17. We only have a 7 minute classical piano version. I-
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  18. Oh I’m sorry :(
  19. I'd argue that Electra Heart was infinitely bigger than The Family Jewels and a pivotal moment in her career. It's proven to be something of a cult classic and a decent trickle seller over time, with nearly 800 million streams now. Plus she seems to have a real affinity for it, hence the merch drops and Instagram filters. I wouldn't be surprised if she pushes for it, at least.
  20. Seeing Marina and Charli for the first time on the Lonely Hearts Club Tour was so fun. I'll always be grateful I got to meet her/tell her what her music had done for me up to that point and how kind her response was.
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