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Marina - Love + Fear

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

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  2. Using this opportunity to say Happy is one of her best songs. Fight amongst yourselves.
  3. I'm a Ruin, is the definition of pop perfection this decade, that's it, It's her masterpiece, and she'll never top that I think
    I don't I have been that much obsessed with a song since 2014
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  4. I’m a Ruin’s chorus does remind me of Futurama’s Richard Nixon but I still love it.
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  5. I love when opinions are posted just to stir shit up. It's very transparent.
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  6. Hypocrates is still one of her best. It was my coming-of-age song as an angsty twink. Listening to it today it still elicits such a feeling of freedom and growing.
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  7. "Froot" is my favorite Marina song of all time. It's a spooky, synthy, disco masterpiece.
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  8. Haha, sorry I thought people would get the “I’m-a ruin you cunt” joke. Not mad just having a giggle!
  9. Hypocrates is gorgeous. I'll never understand the hate it gets.

    As for the controversy in this thread, I can definitely understand disliking FROOT as an album. It can be bland in spots though I like it overall. But I'm A Ruin slander is irresponsible.

    Of course this is the same contrarian who hates the True Blue era, so *Oprah shrug*
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  10. Still my favorite Marina song. The emotion of it all.
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  11. It’s between Numb, Radioactive and Froot for me. They’re each reflective of different ways Marina is compelling as an artist, and feel particularly essential to their parent albums.
  12. Savages is my favourite Marina song. There I fucking said it.
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  13. Sis. You're better than that.*

    *stream "FROOT" now
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  14. I'm not afraid of God, I am afraid of man(.tis.shrimp)
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  15. The taste displayed here is immaculate. This is literally my Marina top three.
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  16. I don't think her lyrics have become any less emotionally intelligent or, per se, become happier.

    I think she just tackles her anxiety through her lyrics, and how anxiety manifests to someone at 25 is likely to vary from how it manifests at 33, or just how the conflicts in one's life causes different fears, anxieties, etc.

    Her three albums essentially act as a series covering the beginning, middle and end of her 20s. Froot, despite being more demure sonically, has a lot of angst to it. It's her at a transitional period in her career and exiting her 20s having very existential, huge conflicts.

    I demand the right to be happy. I accept having failed at what I wanted to do and I'm trying to be okay with being a failure. I want to impact the world and don't know how to cope with the likelihood of one day dying and my life not meaning anything. The world is fucked and I feel poor and powerless.

    The introspection is still present on something like Handmade Haven. It's just less frantic than previous material because she's at a different place with different priorities. Even if I don't find it immediately relatable, the beauty about her work is that I'm sure I'll find it impactful at some point.
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  17. Mowgli’s Road, Obsessions, and Happy are my Marina trilogy.
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  18. must have a cold storage shed where your heart should be.

    I'm A Ruin is that rare beast of a song which is amazing immediately and doesn't fade over time, perhaps getting better.

    It still gives me chills.
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  19. Though my personal favorite is Obsessions, I agree that "I'm a Ruin" is probably her best song.
    It's a MOMENT of a song.
  20. ssa


    Whew the minefield this thread has been in the past hours.

    I love it. Makes me feel alive.
    Almost the same way listening to Hypocrates and I'm a Ruin does.

    Keep it up lil' diamonds.
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