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Marina - Love + Fear

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Obsessions is still my number one. 'A day, a day, when things, things, are pretty bad...'
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  2. Guilty never gets old for me.
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  3. Hollywood/Primadonna/I'm a Ruin is my Trinity.
  4. My pick off each album would probably be Hollywood/Starring Role/Froot but it could be any one of several from each album depending on my mood.

    The second verse of Starring Role is one of her best.

    "Sometimes I ignore you, so I feel in control
    'Cause really, I adore you and I can't leave you alone
    Fed up with the fantasies that cover what is wrong
    Come on, baby, let's just get drunk, forget we don't get on"

    Yes Marina, dissect every relationship I've ever had. By the time the extra layer of production kicks in on the final chorus I feel like I'm battling through epic winds on some desolate gothic moor.
  5. Obsessions
    Power and Control
    I'm A Ruin
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  6. aux


    Mine would be: Mowgli's Road / How To Be A Heartbreaker / I'm A Ruin or Blue.
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  7. Numb, Fear and Loathing and Blue are the ones for me
  8. Oh No
    Power and Control
    I’m a Ruin
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  9. Oh No!, Teen Idle, and Immortal are my faves in all their morbid glory.
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  10. ssa


    Hermit the Frog

    I guess I like my Marina songs bold.
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  11. I'm Not A Robot (changes constantly tho)
    Bubblegum Bitch
  12. My favorite Marina song is The Outsider...
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  13. Obsessions
  14. Numb
    Fear and Loathing
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  15. The Family Jewels - I Am Not A Robot / Obsessions
    Electra Heart - Starring Role / Radioactive
    Froot - Froot / I'm A Ruin
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  16. Froot
    Sex Yeah
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  17. I've been in a really bad place this last week and Obsession came on Shuffle. I teared up a bit on the train and people were staring, skin was on fire.
  18. I could easily pick my favourites from Electra Heart and FROOT, but The Family Jewels is pretty much an all killer no filler record for me. I could narrow it down to a Top 5 at most.
  19. I “liked” this post because I’ve definitely been there too. It’s one of the most accurate lyrical descriptions of anxiety ever written.
  20. I'm A Ruin
    Mowgli's Road

    I realise that's not a top 3 but that's that on that.
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