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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Can's she do some acoustic covers and upload them on YouTube?
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  2. Queen of reimagining throwaway bops as existential slowies.
  3. Her guitarist Ben snapchatted a video of himself and others saying they're rehearsing for something, with various froot emojis. Something is coming!
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  4. And Sebastian, Marina's drummer, was in it as well! But, they were both just supporting Sarah Blasko's tour...
  5. 'Living Dead' is so so so good and it's upsetting people seem to give it shit.
  6. I love the demo. The production on the final version is terrible however, that ending of "DEADEADEADEAD" is overkill. Only Marina and her fascination with death.
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  7. Living Dead just doesn't go anywhere and as I sad before is painfully repetitive. It would be an adequate bonus track and should have been swapped with Sex Yeah if you ask me.
  8. I think Sex Yeah was so starkly The Family Jewels,placing it on the main record would ruin theme and flow of Electra Heart.I'm glad it stayed as a bonus track.
  9. Sex Yeah is essentially the thesis statement of Electra Heart, but I could see how including it in the standard version on all discs would have felt more like a "Disclaimer: This is Satire" due to her nature of wanting to eat her cake but not admit to wanting it.
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  10. Hermit the Frog is an important song for me right now. Let's just say, he found his bitch in me.
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  11. At the time she did say her second album was going to be about feminism (that's most probably where "Sex Yeah" comes from), but then she thought it was too serious a topic for a pop album (or something along those lines at least). See also Die Life.
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  12. Yes?
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  13. Due to unforeseen financial constraints, Marina and the Diamonds is returning from her hiatus a bit early.

    Marina knows her core audience. Anyone want to bet she plays True Colours?
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  14. [​IMG]
    Queen of vodka and equality.
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  15. I am seething with jealous, give me a weeks notice kween!
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  16. Queen of coming to New York to write. MATD4 in the works.
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  17. She'll probably have a new album out next year.
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  18. No Marina just release an album.
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  19. What has happened to the Clean Bandit single. Wasted opportunity.
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