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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. The State Of Dreaming remains fucking flawless.
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  2. Marina Top 3
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  3. Fear & Loathing is one of her best tracks. The introspection, self reflection, etc. Immaculate. The track has so much humanity at it's core.
  4. Mabel's "Time After Time" cover for the McDonald's Christmas advert reminded me of Marina's brilliant version of "True Colors" - does anybody know the backstory of her cover? I'm wondering if it was commissioned for the Center Parcs TV campaign around that time (the version they used is by a fairly unknown male singer) -

    Was Marina's ever available on streaming or to download?
  5. No, but it was intended for a charity compilation, if I remember correctly. I don't think it was ever for a FROOT repack.
  6. FROOT should have ended with I'm not hungry anymore (but a good mix of it) followed by True Colours
  7. I don't know why I was so pressed for the whole Electra Heart era but I think I stanned Radioactive so fiercely that it not really being part of the 'family' fucked me off. I honestly wasn't interested in any of it until Power & Control was put on the playlist at my first retail job, which made me somewhat reassess a couple of track. And my boyfriend at the time was a singer and would sing State of Dreaming around the flat sometimes (probably what put me off dd).

    I've seen the light since, but I still think Froot is my fave.
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  8. State of Dreaming is peak Marina.
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  9. Hollywood/Oh No!/I Am Not A Robot was the start of my Marina love affair. Radioactive/Primadonna/Power and Control were the absolute peak of my Marina stanning. I mean I stanned pretty hard for the whole Froot era but I kinda fell off after that a bit.
  10. I remember watching the Hollywood on repeat on my iPod Touch (?) on a flight to London and being thrilled and super proud that a greek girl was doing that.
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  11. The violins and strings in the middle eight...a moment most pleasing to me in her career.
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  12. ...well!
    Merry Christmas I guess.
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  13. Maybe announcement tomorrow I assume? The cover came from people looking up her "Apple Music for Artists" page.
  14. Lies - she has never ever bettered it
  15. I am here for the deluxe edition. The album is still a good comeback (albeit not completely original etc) after the disaster that was love and fear.
  16. Growing up for me has been realising Hypocrates is a such a banger and I was simply too immature to get it in 2012.
  17. Lots of people seeing ads on Facebook and Spotify advertising "Platinum Blonde Edition" of Electra Heart. Looks like we are getting something on Weds! inb4 acoustics, EVOL and Just Desserts
  18. If it has Miss Y and/or Scab and Plaster, it will be worth it.
  19. Honestly, just having EVOL and Just Desserts on streaming would be worth it, but yeah, hopefully there's more to it than that.
  20. Yeah those are all solid b-sides so I would be happy
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