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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. We love the bare minimum:
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  2. Ok, but i need a physical copy of this with that holographic effect right now merna
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  3. What’s the track list?? Any additions??
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  4. I still prefer the black and white version of that cover. I hope we get the title track on streaming.
  5. If anyone's wondering how much effort was put into this, if you look up 'iridescent texture' on Google... it's literally on the first page fff
  6. Well it is the album that sunk her label!
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  7. You don't become a millionaire paying for things!
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  8. Google image sourced or not, I love that!
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  9. Considering Marina basically invented 2011-14 Tumblr Girl Aesthetics along with Lana, I think she should be allowed to have a little stock iridescent texture as a treat
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  10. They really could have given us a new cover though. The colour version of one of these would've been nice.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. The usual ATRL sources are saying it's just the deluxe edition, plus E.V.O.L. and Electra Heart.

    I guess we can expect physicals and merch to go along with it, but as far as re-issues go it doesn't seem worth caring about.
  12. I hope she does a physical edition that includes EVOL, Electra Heart and How to Be a Heartbreaker alongside the standard European deluxe. Of course I'd love Scab & Plaster and Just Desserts but I'll settle from something that at least rounds everything up neatly.
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  13. I'm not mad at only have EVOL and Electra Heart at all, since we only get EVOL in mp3, and the original version of Electra Heart we only get on the music video, the version in the streamings have different instrumentals. So yeah, just make physical copies please
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Has she said anything about this release? I'm sure seeing the 'and the Diamonds' return is triggering for ha dd.
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  15. Cross-posting from Vinyljustice. We're getting a vinyl but missing Radioactive, Sex Yeah & Buy the Stars which is the oddest decision ever?
  16. That tracklist is... sort of diabolical and very awkward hybrid of the US + Original pressing.

    Lonely Hearts Club, Living Dead and How To Be a Heartbreaker but no Sex Yeah, Readioactive or Buy The Stars??

    But honestly? good for her. It's a nice treat. I'm tempted but probably won't have the $$.
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  17. No Radioactive or Sex Yeah is extremely homophobic.
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  18. What kind of 10th Anniversary is that, deleteting 3 of their songs to put two new others… Trollina is back, have her team know that they can… split it in 3 discs (Hey Taylor Swift) and put some remixes to fill it up?
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  19. The digital edition is all 19 tracks, so I don't really why it wasn't stretched to a 3xLP with

    Side A: 4 tracks (since Bubblegum is shorter)
    Side B-C-D-E-F: 3 tracks on each side
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  20. Radioactive is overrated but it could have easily taken the place of Living Dead.
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