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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. I love "Living Dead." I like literally every song from that campaign, though.
  2. I didn’t have expectations because I wasn’t expecting this to be released and it still managed to be underwhelming.
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  3. How the fuck do you not include the song that properly opened the campaign.
  4. Well it was Fear & Loathing that actually kicked the whole thing a few weeks before and Radioactive was basically retconned as a "promo single" while Primadonna is the lead.

    I find it amusing they really got new plates and screwed the tracklist like that but it is what it is dd. Would have been cute to have a full 3LP set. Or go full mental and put 4LPs with some acoustic versions at the end.
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  5. I wasn't anticipating this so it feels stupid to be disappointed but cutting those songs & not even including Just Desserts? Literally what was the point?

    I'm gonna track down a vinyl copy of the original album instead.
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  6. Hypocrates surviving the cull...a masterpiece endures.
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  7. Living Dead having the worst chorus on the album by a considerable margin, but still being ultimately fine because it's Alyssa Electra Heart, but staying on the tenth anniversary edition over Sex Yeah and fucking Radioactive

  8. To be fair, my fake b-sides collection was way better than that dd she should hire me next time

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Opens thread to discover there’s an anniversary edition and gets excited about finally getting lies acoustic on Spotify along with all the great Electra heart b sides

    Leaves thread shaking head, that’s so Marina!
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  10. Maturity is realizing that Hypocrates is a really good song.
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  11. Wisdom is knowing that "Hypocrates" has been a great song all along!
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  12. I was 18 and still pretending I was straight. Nothing made sense!
  13. Melina Matsoukas didn't vaguely plagiarize the Radioactive video for We Found Love just for y'all to ERASE the former's LEGACY!!!!!!!!!

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  14. There is a really annoying click in Radioactive that, despite being one of my faves, has made it hard to listen to.
  15. Scream. I adore Radioactive, too. I'm going to pretend I didn't read about this mysterious clicking sound.

    The one-two punch of Valley of the Dolls and Hypocrates is my favorite part of Electra Heart.
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  16. HQ version of the vinyl artwork if anyone wants it...

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  17. Everything about this feels so lazy, which is wild considering it's been a whole decade since this album dropped.
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It feels like a desperate cash-grab, which I get, but for the album that literally catapulted her into Tumblr and overall consciousness, it's a bit hollow. Shame.
  19. Deleting tracks to make up space for two others? This is certainy odd behaviour.
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