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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. I mean I was expecting nothing so I can't say I am super shocked by the disappointing release. It is just annoying, cause there is so much potential for a really amazing anniversary release considering how much content there is from that era. Oh well...maybe in another 10 years.
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  2. do we know if they're uploading it to streaming?
  3. Friday.
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  4. In terms of fan service, it's a bit of a flop 10th anniversary release. There's no question that Electra Heart was a huge game changer for her and has become something of a cult classic in Pop. The album has well over a billion streams and it's always maintained a life of its own in the years since its release.

    This deserved a truly expansive re-release with additional tracks (E.V.O.L, Just Desserts, Electra Heart), leftovers (finished versions of Miss Y, Scab & Plaster), demo's (the Radioactive one alone is fantastic, seek it out if you haven't heard it) acoustic versions and new remixes. Obviously I understand that there's budget issues etc but for the vinyl release we could have at least got the full deluxe album plus the additional tracks and leftovers - with the demo's, acoustic versions and remixes being streaming/digital only. Some art cards or something would have been nice too.
  5. I've always been straight up confused about the dislike for Hypocrates. The melody and instrumentation is so beautiful.
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  6. She could have texted her former label mate Little Boots for tips on how to issue an anniversary edition on a budget. The one for Hands was a treat.
  7. Lazy lyrics, lazy melodies… now lazy releases… lazy queen.
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  8. What a lazy comment
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  9. Nn her lyrics are a lot of things but I don't think 'lazy' is an accurate word for them.
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  10. In other news this inspired me to revisit Electra Thee Heart this morning for the first time in years (I use the original UK deluxe tracklisting, as God intended) and wow what a moment. The production on the more electronic songs might sound very of its time now, but the songwriting and melodies are still pure titanium. I'm glad that it's seen as a modern classic in pop circles these days, as it should.

    Also Justice for Hypocrates.
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  11. I always thought Lonely Hearts Club was extremely slept on by the fans. Back in the iTunes days, I used to position it after Homewrecker as an extra shot of adrenaline during the first quarter of the album. Grand production job too.
  12. So where's the album on streaming, i want the title track in lossless finally
  13. Mr.Arroz

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    Pussy popping on a bandstand!
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  14. I am okay with not getting new tracks, but I would love for the rerelease to be remastered. All the hype surrounding the album has made me go back listened to it, and some of the mastering defo sounds a bit crunchy in 2012. The State of Dreaming stood out especially during the chorus. Production still slaps tho
  15. My version of Electra Heart is the UK deluxe tracklist but I always put 'The Archetypes' interlude before 'Radioactive', then add 'Su-Barbie-A' followed by 'E.V.O.L.', 'Just Desserts' and 'Electra Heart' after 'Buy The Stars'.
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  16. Who’s gonna tell her…

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    An anniversary edition that excludes songs. I have to scream!
  18. She doesn't seem too found of trying "past glories" (unless it's the Numb chord progression\melody) when you look back that just last year people were hyping a Bubblegum Bitch music video and she just straight went "You CAN'T go back to the past". You take that + her ambiguity towards Electra Heart (which seems to have soften-up a little) and... this happening feels a little miracle on its own. She didn't do anything for Family Jewels apart from tweeting these "alternative covers" dd.

    I already complained as well but, in the end, it's a cute repress in a color vinyl, while the original pressing feels a little hard to find now (not even mentioning the UO Pink Exclusive). The tracklist is literally the original standard UK release + few bonus. I'd love to have more unreleaseds and everything but she probably doesn't feel like some of these songs are actual part of the "Electra Heart" storyline, especially with the whole "die Life" mess.

    Now, 2025 and Froot 10th anniversary... now Merna might move a muscle.
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  19. We will probably get only "I'm Not Hungry Anymore" and have to accept that.
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