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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Late to the convo but Power & Control was an awful single choice, especially when Lies, Starring Role and State of Dreaming were right there. Pure clownery on the label's part.
  2. aux


    She announced that she is leaving Atlantic Records at her London show just now. She didn’t say much other than she is happy and excited to build something with her fans. I’m guessing she’s alluding to going independent, but to what extent, it’s not clear.
  3. I guess it makes sense, most contracts rarely go past 5 albums.
  4. This honestly makes me a bit apprehensive. It already felt like she had full creative control in Ancient Dreams, so I'm not sure if going independent will actually bring any benefits. I hope she signs to a nice indie label that gives her a bit of a budget to work with, rather than going full independent. I really wouldn't want her to become one of those artists that release music through Patreon or whatever, or for the next album to end up being her Supervision. Hopefully I'm just being pessimistic.
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  5. I love Starring Role and State of Dreaming (the latter is one of my favorite Marina songs), but Power & Control absolutely sounds more like a single than both.

    I agree that Lies would be a good single choice though.
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  6. The way Marina was building up her announcement, mentioning her mum and sister, I thought she was going to tell us she was pregnant.

    When she said she was going independent and the hardcore part of her audience went into absolute hysterics, I lost it.
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  7. I totally agreed with you. I feel really bittersweet about the news, of course her reasons as an artist and a person is more important than anything, but i'm just insecure about the future of new releases, no repressings of old catalogue for a uncertain period of time, if she'll ever be able to visit south america again by her own terms (it was hard with a major label, i couldn't imagine now). I hope i was just being pessimistic too. I love her so much, it's like i don't wanna lose her in some way.
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  8. Good luck girlie
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  9. I generally don't think going fully independent or moving from a major to a tiny label does artists in the pop realm much good, but it can sometimes (see MUNA for instance) so let's see.
  10. Touring isn’t a label thing it’s management - if anything if she was on a 360 deal it’s be easier for her to tour now.

    Her last two eras felt indie anyway if that makes sense.
  11. I was actually surprised to discover that she wasn't independent for Ancient Dreams ddd.

    I guess one thing that might be harder now is getting feature spots and remixes for each single the way she did for five tracks from this album. But, as we know, she's a millionairess.
  12. I don't think you need a major to score Pabllo Vittar and Pussy Riot dd. It's not like they gave her Bad Bunny or Ariana features.
  13. Yeah, it’s not like the label were throwing money at her anyway. A lot of the visuals for this album looked quite cheap ddddd

    I think going indie will really suit her!
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  14. RMK


    She's been operating at her own pace for awhile now. I guess Love + Fear was a stab at tackling the pop world again (even though there was no big radio push or concrete single??). I really don't know what to think of that era in retrospect, but she's existed away from those confines for a long time. Being independent will just mean less budget for music videos or promo, but same music. Probably more frequently, which is a good sign.
  15. Electra Heart is the most creative and thought provoking work she’s done. A true icon! She should’ve had more control over things to define her direction.
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  16. I feel like Marina was certainly afforded more control than similar artists. I mean she went from relative obscurity in the U.S. with The Family Jewels, to a higher budget album of heavy hitters that bankrupted her label, to her best album with an aggravatingly long rollout, to a complete name change and artistic shift
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  17. I feel like there’s a university seminar to be taught on culture via her trajectory through the 2010’s.
  18. I mean, my graduation thesis was about her. I compared the release strategy of the first 3 albums and talked about the history of marketing and music, from physical to streaming ddd
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  19. She's opening for Panic! at the Disco on select dates of their US tour from September.
  20. I'm going to have to buy a ticket to the ME! feature to support my girl?
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