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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - Electra Heart: Platinum Blonde Edition + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Chris_P, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Yes, support our indie artist (i wish i could)
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  2. I wonder how that came about, I’m sure I remember her saying back in like 2013/14ish time that she was done opening for people and just wanted to do her own shows.
  3. She has a decent amount of audience overlap with Panic, so I’d imagine this is different to her early support slots.

    Plus the touring from Love + Fear onwards has seemed to be all about maximising the coin for Ms. Millionairess.
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  4. Yeah this is more of an almost co-headline than Luigi Masi opening for Girls Aloud.
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  5. If I can get tickets to see Marina and Panic I would die. But panic tickets literally sold out in minutes last time so I have little hope.
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  6. I feel that the last two tours have successfully cemented her status as a touring act who people will go to see, so this slot feels like a smart move. She seems really intent on remaining active rather than disappearing this time. I'd expect a new album within a year.
  7. She blew the roof off Dublin last week!
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  8. An Electra Heart demo leaked

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  9. That sounds a little like Scab & Plaster and Living Dead? And it's been implied there's another version floating around. Funny how it took years to get some extra unreleaseds after the pre-Electra Heart batch.
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  10. This is beautiful
  11. Another demo called Doubt Your Love leaked; rough, sounds laptop-reocrded.
  12. 1 year of Ancient Dreams. I still stand by this album, still sounds good a year later while Love + Fear was rotting on arrival.
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  13. Cause I'm a Woman leaked, an outtake from Ancient Dreams. Would've been a nice addition to the album in the place of some of the ballads.
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  14. I liked this. There are some obvious recycled lyrics and melodies - but this is quite nice. Marina should have looked through her vault and given us more unreleased material while re-releasing Electra Heart this year.
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  15. [​IMG]

    is one of the artists featured in the


    Do you enjoy

    • good music?
    • pitting PJ faves against each other?
    • mess?

    If yes, then make sure to participate!
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  16. Just listened to The Family Jewels in full for the first time in a while, and it really solidifies how much it remains my personal favorite Marina album. Its new wave Kate Bush flavor is just delicious, and you can really feel the drive and hunger behind a young artist kicking off her professional career.

    Also I'd really love her to bring back Liam Howe. He seems to have a hand in a lot of her best work.

  17. Lemon Trees coming next Friday
  18. Not the Erewhon smoothie.
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