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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. It's strange in that she gets to #1 and yet no-one knows about her or recognises her by face or name. She must want that to change. And it should change.
  2. She has a very strong core fan-base. It'll all very front-loaded, and she'll drop pretty quickly during the week, especially since she's getting no support from anywhere else.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she were #1 in the midweeks tomorrow because Kendrick's album is only on iTunes at the moment, but it'll probably chart 4 - 8 officially.
  3. For me, 'Savages' is the weakest track on the album.
  4. It sucks that all her promo is probably booked for April, it would've helped maintain higher sales this week.
  5. Is #1 on iTunes now indicative of the actual position? I thought iTunes sales for albums accounted for less than 30% or something? Is my brain out of date? I'm sure digital album sales are declining year on year. I can't tell you the last time I bought an album digitally! I always thought "#1 on iTunes" was the new "she's big in Japan" when it comes to albums.
  6. It's gone up to about 43% last I heard, but that was before streaming was included so I'm not sure now. Drake managed to go to #3 on the official album chart with 3 days to go on just iTunes a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Savages is probably my favourite. It's very Family Jewels.
  8. So I've lived with this album for a month now, and as with all Marina albums, it reveals more and more of itself on each listen. Tracks like Forget and Weeds which seemed little more than album tracks on first listen are now astounding. I love how furious she sounds at the end of Forget and how devastated she is on Weeds. The only track I don't love is Better Than That. It just sounds hopelessly our of place on an album dealing with isolation, heartbreak and desperation.
  9. It is very Family Jewels, and it also 'does a lot of things', which I do not mean as a compliment.
    Add to that the fact that it is the point in the track list where the bitterness reaches its peak,
    in an album that is not supposed to be particularly bitter in the first place and it just feels wrong.
    Unlike with Oh, No!, I get why Savages is considered great, but I just can't get into it and I am completely content with my playlist for the album that excludes it. Excluding it makes the collection feel much... lighter.
  10. And Marina sitting in a gloomy space, spewing poison about the love interest of a guy she is fond of does not fit "isolation, heartbreak and desperation"? Well I guess we do not know it is about somebody she is fond of, could as well be about her cousin/best friend/whatever and their love interest, but it sure is a bitter song.

    It is a bit odd though I am defending the song in this context as I believe that this is what the album is truly about.

    Surely, isolation, heartbreak and desperation are more Electra Heart than FROOT?

    Or do you mean it doesn't fit because she is not talking about herself like on the vast majority of the songs?
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  11. I know what you mean about the message and the tone of track, I just love that melody of the pre-chorus and chorus which for me overrides the lyrics.
  12. It has many moments, for sure.
  13. I was disappointed since I was expecting a retro-futuristic sounding album judging from Froot (the song), or something like TFJ. I wish she returns to her The Family Jewels roots with the next one.
  14. This album is clearly the standout of the year.
    I'm a ruin is a CLASSIC, those guitars...Every time they start I get tingles. My love affair with it is UNRELENTING.
    The sheer amount of times she says 'FUH GET' on this album alone makes it album of the year. (Blue and forget being key)

    Every song has a classic line, its melancholy and wonderful and soothing.
    My standouts now after having this album for a few months *and buying it on itunes this morning* are:

    Weeds - A slow burner, breathtaking. The beginning verse and the 'Babbbyyyy" portions of the songs particularly.
    I'm a Ruin - See above!
    Savages - The lyrics and the snark and stuttering beat!
    Froot - Truly a one of a kind song. Her branches are HEAVY.
    Blue - Constant classic, never skipped.

    The rest of the album is of course, brilliant as well, but If I had to pick my top five, that would be it. Immortal could kick blue out of top 5, depending on my mood.
    Forget being the slowest burner of all, but I'm coming around to it. Me and my Fiance constantly sing "FUHGETABOUTIT" around the house.

    I'm not joking that I listen to those top 5 songs almost every day now.
  15. Just listening to this for the first time. Gold is so amazingly weird.
  16. Can someone tell me if they can add the CD album to their basket successfully on her store?
  17. He


    I quite wanted the album to sound like this, I have to admit.

    However, I love what we got, there is no dud here; have had the album in heavy rotation for the past weeks and I it keeps growing (replaced it with my legal download today).

    Just tried making a favourites list but I really can't... I guess Weeds is my least favourite, but it is still good.
  18. I remember when everything was first put up there were troubles with getting through the checkout. It took me forever. Her site says it is out of stock. Which is great for her but not convenient for you.
  19. Yeah, the pinball soundtrack album would be great. It's not too late! Could be her next one...

    And of course any amount of 'Family Jewels'-crazy is welcome.
  20. Oh yes, the album is out of stock on her website. She should really put a note that it's on amazon.
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