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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. NO, Marina.

    And I thought she upset me when she said she didn't like Funk.
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  2. I think she obviously didn't word up what she wanted to say correctly.

    She does that a lot...Which is kinda ironic somehow for a songwriter.

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    Has anyone in the US had trouble finding this album in store? My 3 indie record stores always have her albums, and all of them didn't even know it was coming out today. They all had the release date as April 6, and Target didn't have it either.

    Oh, and isn't Kendrick just number 1 on preorders? Marina's the top album that's actually 'out'.
  4. I've never really "got" Marina but I've always found a few tracks on her previous albums that I've loved. This morning, one of my best friend excitedly messaged me on Facebook and insisted I listened to "Blue". OH MY GOD.... what kind of brilliance.

    I hadn't felt the need to give Froot a try until now and I know full well what I'll be listening to this evening. I'm now perched to "get" Marina.
  5. From the Digital Spy review....

    A perfect read of Sam Smith et al. Let their decline and Marina's ascent begin.
  6. Island

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  7. She's saying she's thinking of a Winter re-package on FAQinHell
  8. I'm really liking the album after a few listens, but I find Happy an odd song to open the album with!
  9. It will no doubt capitalise on the inevitable success of the Clean Bandit collaboration.
  10. He


    I'll buy the vinyl for that one.
  11. Dear, Marina. Don't get me wrong, your full creative control over your third album is universally acclaimed and appreciated. But sometimes You need somebody by your side, a saviour, like that "so-called" co-writer to tell you: "Gurl, these "Immortal" lyrics are so fucking bad, that it makes me want to choke myself to death on some feta and olives... Come on, sit down, listen to your first album three times in a row, eat some muffins and stop muffing. Call me then, I'll be back to help you get this shit together. Oh, God... I meant... Zeus."
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  12. He


    This kid Joey... he is very tame today, and somehow still manages to annoy me a bit.
  13. Is that actually going to be a thing? She talked about a collab and then kept saying how much she loves Clean Bandit.
  14. He


    Yeah, she confirmed it, didn't she? Can't remember where.
  15. Blue.

    What a song.
  16. Just re-confirmed on FAQinHell, she's heard the finished version, so I imagine it shouldn't be too long now.
  17. He



    The FAQing hell was kind of boring, but nice that she plans to do another one. The Joey guy should have some of his own questions.
  18. 'Yvonne'.
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