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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Pity Kendrick had to release his album today (which is also amazing), this would still be sitting at #1 on iTunes. Probably the best two albums of the year sitting at #1 and #2 on the iTunes chart.
  2. Finally listened to the whole thing on Spotify. It's brilliant.

    But can someone tell me - I pre-ordered the album on Amazon, had an email to say it had been delayed, thought that was wrong, but no album has been dispatched. When will I get my album? Strange...
  3. So glad she confirmed the identity of the Instagram snippet and the fact that we might hear it in another form at some stage. The title being I'm Not Hungry anymore and the lyrics we've heard suggest that it would be a great fit thematically, alongside Happy and Gold.
  4. You have to cancel and order again from the new version. Not sure why they did that. - Here's the one you want.
  5. I never heard any tracks off Electra Heart but loved the first album, especially Shampain and Hollywood. May have to download this...
  6. Do not bother. Download only "I'm a ruin" and have yourself la dolce vita.
  7. Or listen on Spotify and decide for yourself before buying?
  8. I've bought 50 copies and gave them to all of my co-workers. #HitoriMoments
  9. I bet your bank balance isn't enjoying that.

    Is it true that if you buy the same album multiple times in one transaction it still counts as 1 sale?
  10. FROOTivals (2013)
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    I really regret pre-ordering from her store. Still 'packing'.
  12. Same here. 'Packing' since Friday.
  13. I can't stop playing this album.

    I feel really connected to it, you know what I mean?
  14. Froot is Marina's best album. You won't be disappointed.
  15. Gold has turned into one of my favorites.

    I love the casual dive into "I don't care if everybody knows, I'm a million dollars in the hole". It's one of those "What did she just say?" moments that comes off as breezy and hilarious. Many artists would be horrified to include a lyric like that in their song, but Marina makes it almost sound like an afterthought.

    Can't Pin Me Down has also emerged into a favorite. The melody is pretty classic and immediate, plus I'm enjoying the whole Tumblr Feminism uproar over the "cooking dinner for my husband" line.

    Weeds has always been in my top 5 or so. I'm glad it's receiving more love around here with repeated plays. I think Marina captured a feeling most of us can relate to with that track and managed to sell it well, particularly with that 2nd verse.

    (…..Now that I think about it, Marina's 2nd verses are usually my favorite parts of her songs…? I find the same result w/ Happy, I'm A Ruin, Can't Pin Me Down, Solitaire, etc. I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of, too.)
  16. What country are you guys. The CDs are sold out on her store. Best cancelling and ordering from Amazon.
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    Belgium! I would love to cancel, but that can only be done through customer service and that seemingly takes ages. I even got an e-mail saying there's a queue. Plus I doubt I will get a full refund since I have received all the digital files? To be honest, they can keep that bloody boxset. I feel ripped off since they announced the 12".
  18. They had many copies in stores in town this morning in NZ.
  19. I forgot this was on spotify, yay!
  20. My favorite tracks are hands down Froot (pure perfection, probably her best ever), Immortal (greatly produceed), Savages and Happy. I really can't stand Weeds. The rest are okay.
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