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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Love: Immortal, Gold, Froot
    Hate: none
    Don't need: Forget, Savages.
  2. I just feel the production is too wishy-washy and lacks punch, in other words, I don't feel the choruses 'pop' as a much as they could/ I want them to because the key changes and additional layers she adds are too subtle. I do like a lot of tracks however and melodically this record is superb.
  3. Current ranking:

    1 - I'm A Ruin
    2 - Solitaire
    3 - Blue
    4 - Can't Pin Me Down
    5 - Gold
    6 - Happy
    7 - Froot
    8 - Weeds
    9 - Immortal
    10 - Forget
    11 - Savages
    12 - Better Than That

    It's interesting how that turned out once I took the time to think about it.

    ALSO, can anyone point me in the direction of where I can purchase the *jewel case* copy of the album?
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  4. My ranking would be:

    1. FROOT
    2. Immortal
    3. Savages
    4. Happy
    5. I'm A Ruin
    6. Better Than That
    7. Forget
    8. Can't Pin Me Down
    9. Solitaire
    10. Gold
    11. Blue
    12. Weeds
  5. Blue is the best. Brings me right back to The Family Jewels. It's really like Electra Heart never happened.
  6. My ranking:

    1. I'm A Ruin
    2. Savages
    3. Can't Pin Me Down
    4. Better Than That
    5. Forget
    6. Immortal
    7. Blue
    8. Froot
    9. Weeds
    10. Happy
    11. Solitaire
    12. Gold
  7. The production across the album is definitely way more samey than I'd imagined after hearing the first four froots. A lot of the melodies are quite similar too. It's all impeccably produced, but I feel like I've heard the same song four or five times over during the section from Blue to Better Than That. I really appreciate Savages for offering something different sonically. It's a strong effort though, just not a masterpiece.

    The best songs are I'm a Ruin, Blue, Solitaire and Savages.
  8. Yeah that about matches mine, except I'd move Froot up to third place.
  9. Also there's no available stock on her website. It's sold out as well. I'm going to take a trip into town today to HMV to see if I can actually pick up the album, as I have no intention of waiting until 28th March for it.

    I'm disappointed by the pictures of the booklet.... I would of loved it if the booklet looked like this (!0FkTWILZ!Nhb4b2WvNhrpijRbDBmL1famkfS0XBVdctGHHgrDBmw)

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  10. Hmmm

    1. I'm A Ruin
    2. Froot
    3. Blue
    4. Immortal
    5. Happy
    6. Gold
    7. Better Than That
    8. Can't Pin Me Down
    9. Savages
    10. Forget

    11. Solitaire
    12. Weeds

    Looks about right.
  11. Current Ranking:

    I'm A Ruin
    Better Than That
    Can't Pin Me Down
  12. My verdict on first listen? 'Blue' and 'Savages' are my standout faves.

    I don't think I'll ever love anything as much as 'Primadonna', though. I'm the kind of casual Marina fan that the real fans laugh at, aren't I? Let me just leave quietly...
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Weeds being at the bottom of everyone's lists though. I'll wait for y'all to let the light in.
  14. Sam


    The 'che-yeaaaaah' bits in Can't Pin Me Down annoy me.
  15. I'm A Ruin
    Better Than That
    Can't Pin Me Down

    Really like them all though.
  16. I hate how the middle 8 leads back into them, the whole "get your eyes cheyyyyyyeeeeeacccccked" bit ruins the flow pretty badly.
  17. I'm about halfway through, and I think you're on to something. However, the melodies are supremely enticing and well crafted (again, as you point out), and keep me listening and engaged. It's a uniquely good album.
  18. If anyone is opting for a digital download it's currently reduced to £4.99 on 7Digital UK.
  19. My very, very initial ranking. Most of these songs I have never heard before today, mind you.

    1. "Blue"
    2. "Froot"
    3. "Gold"
    4. "Forget"
    5. "I'm a Ruin"
    6. "Can't Pin Me Down"
    7. "Better Than That"
    8. "Weeds"
    9. "Savages"
    10. "Solitaire"
    11. "Happy" - VERY gorgeous, but I can only listen to it at certain times
    12. "Immortal" - still good, but left the least impression on me
  20. Really wish Happy and Immortal hadn't been the first two songs released after the lead, as they completely turned me off to this surprisingly strong album.
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