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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Fan-made. The actual lyric book is a lot more simplistic.
  2. Yeah OK, Mandy-Fan.
  3. Glad so many of you came round to the hypnotic Gold in the end

    Not Vixicane, obviously.
  4. Uhm, #4 is great on one day's sales for Marina. How on earth is it disappointing, it's not like she's One Direction or Taylor.

    I doubt the videos cost much and her label will be pretty happy if they have realistic expectations.
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  5. What does one days sales have to do with anything. All the new releases have one day's sales.
  6. That there's room for improvement until this charting week ends maybe...?
  7. You know it's true deep down in your evil heart.
  8. Given that pre orders are very heavy, clearly not. But anyway.
  9. It will probably manage roughly another 4k in the week bringing it to about 10k and #7.

    Jessie J - #5, Jessie Ware - #9, Kelly Clarkson - #6, Rae Morris - #9, Cheryl - #7, Charli XCX - #15

    These female artists all had backing from Radio 1 and promotion and are all performing similarly to Marina with no promotion or airplay.

    I'm more worried about it's longevity and sales in the long term, since there's still no signs of airplay or promotion.
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  10. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Mess. Or are they sending me the CD twice?
  11. Color me surprised with this release.
    I'm almost at fan level now, after two increasingly frustrating efforts, where I didn't buy completely her personas. Specially Electra Heart.
    David Kosten is definitely a producer to watch.
  12. He


    Sounds like you got two!
  13. Hilarious, it's as if Marina herself answered it.
  14. So I finally sat and played this back to back yesterday when I got my copy, and I really am disappointed. Half of it is brilliant, but it is apparent that she did not collaborate with other songwriters. Weeds is the worst offender, I think even I could have written it!

    Blue, Froot, Happy, Savages, Can't Pin Me Down, and Forget are the top tier tracks so far. I actually only dislike Weeds and Immortal, which isn't bad, it's just two more than I disliked on the first two albums.
  15. Still no3 on US Itunes album chart holding better than I thought! Hopefully she'll get a reasonable debut out there as well. no7 worldwide as well.
  16. I think Weeds is very unassuming and easy to overlook initially but becomes a real grower as a result, it kind of sneaks up on you. As I've said before, it makes for a great palette cleanser as the album draws to a close. That guitar solo is everything. Gold and Can't Pin Me Down are similarly rewarding on repeat listens.

    I'm not pleased with how much Solitaire is being overlooked here, it's easily one of my Top 3 tracks on the album and feels quintessentially Marina. I've been obsessed since my very first listen.
  17. Solitaire is the Numb of the album.
  18. This is another one I really loved. I've only played the album twice, to be fair. Immortal and I'm A Ruin are two I've accepted that I just don't see what everyone else does, since I've had plenty of time to replay those.
  19. I'm honestly done with you if this means anything other than "the beautiful, epic emotional core and true set piece of the album".
  20. I love that fan-made booklet. Marina has always disappointed me with her booklets, and it surprised me this time because she mentioned having really strong visual ideas with this album, so i thought there would be some amazing pictures of her in a fruit patch or something.
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