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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Froot can get fucked. Wasn't even an amazing album and she still didn't come to Australia despite promising she would.
  2. Well I'm pretty sure that song is quite out of her hands and really up to Clean Bandit. Ideally they would have released it while Marina was still active because it fit her FROOT era pretty well too, so it's chances of being a lead single have diminished greatly.

    Maybe it'll be a godsend in the middle of the Marina drought we're about to enter (and maybe some stuff will magically leak).

    It better be released after all this time though. People are still spamming Clean Bandit on Twitter about it. I'm disappointed enough as it is that the Little Mix collab went nowhere.

    But yes I hope Marina finds a way to transcend this "mature" mind set she's locked into and begin something legendary (where do you really go from "mature" that isn't "boring"?)
  3. Something more adventurous would be appreciated for the next album.
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  4. The video for Power & Control is perfection.

    That's all.
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  5. I hope once she starts writing her new album she won't say or reveal anything until releasing it and then randomly drops her album out of nowhere. It would be such a pleasant surprise. I expect it to happen in 2018.
  6. FROOT was amazing. Definitely her best album.
  7. @Noir, can you change the thread title to 'Marina & the Diamonds - General Discussion' please? 'General Marina' is giving me military teas.
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  8. You never know with her new career teas.
  9. It seems so unfair that she can't make a huge success of her music career when she has real talent and drive. I wish she could get played on the radio, appear on television, and be everywhere. But I suppose she doesn't really make that sort of music.
  10. This is the answer to it.. Her most viewed music videos (as well as most streamed songs) are Primadonna and How to Be A Heartbreaker which clearly shows what kind of music gets public attention.

    I'm happy about it. She is indie after all and alternative radio stations actually know and play her so I don't see the problem. Her music is too genius to be played in mainstream radios. Marina will go to history as an unique artist, just like Björk or Enya. She basically has invented a new music style through years. At least for me.
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  11. Sure.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    General Marina is such a kii. I'm glad Marina's taking a break, though. I'm sure we'll get something special the next time she plans on releasing music.
  13. Marina is going full "anonymous"...

    Marina's new profile pic on Facebook:


    And her new profile pic on Instagram:


  14. Yes! Yes! and Yes! It is by far her best set of visuals.
  15. I think so too. I love how delicate a lot of its is. That sort of crystalline atmosphere in Solitaire takes me places.

    At this point the only song that doesn't do anything for me is "Better Than That."
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  16. It only took 4 years and a change in the certification process but:

    Congratulations Marina!
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  17. She'll always have this.
  18. *plays Bubblegum Bitch to celebrate *
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  19. Please stream FROOT on Spotify for Marina's sake!
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