Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

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Disconnect is not quite dead yet...
If it's been a full year and they are just now acknowledging it, surely it must actually be soon this time? Who knows, some artists really never do learn not to tease things too early.
There are loads of TV shows that feature musical performances, but Live from the Artists Den, available on public television channels nationwide, has brought it to the next level. Continuing their format of taking breaking artists and having them play concerts in unique and legendary locations, season ten has musicians such as Hozier, Alt-J, and Gary Clark Jr.

This weekend you can watch as pop queen Marina Diamandis, who plays with her band under the moniker Marina and the Diamonds, bring their funky dance jams to the New York Hall of Science’s Great Hall. It's a wild pairing of science, history, and musical magic for a small number of lucky fans. Check out an exclusive preview performance below.

Pop queen and her funky dance jams!

This looks really intimate. Come on local PBS, don't fail me the one time I'm actually looking for you.
Well she tweeted and posted on instagram today so maybe she's not as "gone" as we were lead to believe she would be when she stripped her accounts of profile photos.
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