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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Literally while the cd is playing, just to help her out
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  2. I want the multicoloured vinyl box set when I get paid...
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  3. I don't really use The Family Jewels, but it was some damn good singles. Mowgli's Road is one of the most inventive pop songs I've ever heard. It's artsy without being annoying.
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  4. Disconnect is not quite dead yet...
  5. YES.
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  6. If it's been a full year and they are just now acknowledging it, surely it must actually be soon this time? Who knows, some artists really never do learn not to tease things too early.
  7. Queen of anticipation.
  8. A feature on a huge pop song is kind of exactly what she needs right now. (given she's taking a break from her own music for a bit)

    Land some great features, pad the pockets, travel a bit, keep your name out there then come back to us with another smash album in a year or so.
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  9. Oh, I totally forgot about that song. Is there a live footage?
  10. The dude at the violin is not feeling it
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  12. Thank you! It's nice, I like how it's both a Clean Bandit and a Marina song sonically.
  13. I'm so happy. I was afraid it would never come.

    Pop queen and her funky dance jams!

    This looks really intimate. Come on local PBS, don't fail me the one time I'm actually looking for you.
  15. ssa


    This sounds great! "Science, history and musical magic"
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  17. Well she tweeted and posted on instagram today so maybe she's not as "gone" as we were lead to believe she would be when she stripped her accounts of profile photos.
  18. Marina's full Artist's Den show has finally been uploaded.
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  19. SHE'S ALIVE!!!
    She was at the Ivor Novello Awards. She looks gorgeous.

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  20. Those shoes... That hair... That jumper...

    Me no like.
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