Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

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I didn't adore the album when it first came out, but now I do love it. I still want her to go completely back to TFJ style though.
This whole album is soooo special to me, I think its really one of those perfect little gems that I always revisit when I need to feel.
I am already perched for her to come back to us, I understand it will be awhile though.

@DJHazey Holy Trinity twinsies!
I probably listened to this album 6 to 7 days a week since it came out. side note: i nearly always start playing it at track 2. Happy is the only song i don't like that much. It's not a bad song at all though, just never crave it or have the patience to ever finish it. So when i do rarely listen to it, again i skip to track 2 after awhile. The album is flawless after that.

my holy trinity:

Happy, I'm a Ruin and Forget. It took awhile for the last one to really hit me but the final minute is really something special.

Edit: Gold, Blue, Immortal and the title track are all 11s tooooooo!!!1!
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