Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

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The good tracks on FROOT are really, really great, but overall it's not an album that left me impressed or wanting me to replay it.

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'Happy', 'I'm a Ruin', 'Blue'. FROOT blows its load early.

I think whilst it definitely starts remarkably strong, there're still great tracks throughout the entire thing. But then I love Solitaire (my favourite slowie on the album, even more so than Happy), Can't Pin Me Down and Weeds very nearly as much as FROOT and I'm A Ruin.

My top 3 would probably be FROOT, I'm A Ruin and Weeds, if I had to say, but really it's one of only two albums in the past 2 years that I've not just cherry-picked my favourite tracks after the first two listens, chucked them on a playlist then barely remembered the rest. It's great from start to finish. Even Gold and Better Than That (the weak links for me) are like 7/10. It's unquestionably her best album. I really hope she comes back to music soon.
I still play FROOT to this day and haven't grown sick of the album yet. I love how her music has longevity especially in such a disposable climate. The only track I wouldn't willing listen to is Weeds, I always wanted I'm Not Hungry Anymore to take it's place which says a lot about Weeds when all I've heard only 14 seconds of INA.

I'm a Ruin, Happy, Blue, Gold, Savages & Can't Pin Me Down are regularly on rotation. I can't pick a holy trinity when 11 out of the 12 tracks are genius.
It's a great album but I just don't feel that I'm the right position in my life yet to fully appreciate it? Like, I related strongly to The Family Jewels because I was going through a similar self-hate situation at the time, then Electra Heart was pretty parallel to me as well. But with FROOT, it's such a free, positive album (I'm A Ruin aside) compare to her last releases and I don't think I can truly connect with it because of this reason, though I am positive it will happen soon enough!
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