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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. The first four tracks aside, I don't use the album these days. What an opening run of jams though!
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  2. Weeds and Can't Pin Me Down are done so wrong on here. They're both wonderful.
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    Better Than That is my least favourite I think, but it's a strong collection, if a little unexciting.
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  4. I always skip the first and last track. They're not bad, just kill the vibe of the others, I guess.
  5. I'm the same, @HEARTCORE. Her first two albums have that depressing, angsty sentiment that I was feeling at the time of their respective releases (and that I still do, sometimes) -- FROOT is too happy and glossy sonically for me to truly appreciate it. It also doesn't help that the songs on it just weren't big "moments" live for me.

    That said, Blue is one of her best.
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  6. I don't like her first album that much at all. pling plong piano ballads. I've never liked that, maybe that's why I don't like Happy that much.
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    no you don't.
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  8. I still adore FROOT but I just don't use it as much as The Family Jewels and Electra Heart. It's like those first two albums had higher highs or something while FROOT is more even keeled and polished. That said, I do play FROOT, Blue, and Savages regularly.
  9. That's interesting, because to me it's the other way around. I found "Froot" too gloomy and moody.
  10. Anyone who doesn't like 'Happy' has clearly never experienced the epiphany the song is about.
  11. FROOT is absolutely her best album. Just brilliantly written pop from start to finish.
  12. She peaked with "actually, my name's Mariner."

    But the second album was very good too.
  13. Mariner? Well, who doesn't like seamen?
  14. Fair enough Hollywood and Oh No! Are my favorites of that album. But Mowgli's Road is very pling plongy. For whatever reason i just imagine a muppet playing the piano.
  15. FROOT is not a 'happy', light album at all, guys... Seriously?
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  16. It is for Merna, tho.
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  17. I find it to be the perfect blend of happy and melancholy pop.
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  18. Not a huge fan of Family Jewels. The singles are incredible, but the rest of the album doesn't come close to that standard.
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  19. For Marina, it's definitely a lot happier as a record. Yes, you have the guilt of I'm a Ruin & Weeds, the dark undertones of Blue and arguably some of the sadness of Forget but the majority of the album has an overwhelming sense of freedom + happiness. FROOT is joyful, Forget is a release from sadness, Gold is jubilant in freedom, Can't Pin Me Down is independent, Solitaire is rejoiceful despite its themes, Better Than That is cheeky and Happy doesn't need explaining. You could even argue that Immortal is somewhat positive in its description of living beyond our own mortality. Compare this to The Family Jewels, Electra Heart or even Mermaid vs Sailor + Give Me The Money, where the overwhelming feelings of bitterness/anger/guilt/regret/self-hate etc are present, or at least masquerading as something positive (Primadonna, for example).
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