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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. It's not like Froot the album came in at #50 tho.
  2. Aag


    If you play "buy the stars" backwords and slow it down to half the speed, the beginning sounds like "I love satan." LOL. Btw, Electra Heart album is a bop even when you play it backwords.
  3. It's worse if you play it forwards: it plays Buy the Stars.
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  4. You can do better than that...
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  6. 'Buy the Stars' is fantastic though. I love ballad Marina.
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  7. I rarely play Buy the Stars anymore, but when it hits me in the right mood it fucks me up. It's gorgeous.
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  8. Buy The Stars is fucking amazing.
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  9. I cannot think of one possible reason to listen to Buy The Stars when Numb exists.
  10. Buy the Stars doesn't have the lyric "One track mind like a goldfish, stuck inside my Petri dish" though I suppose that is part of Numb's charm.
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  11. The triumphant finale of Numb is probably Marine's magnum opus. It's incredible.
  12. Yeah, Numb and Buy the Stars are very similar in terms of structure, melodies, vocal delivery and instrumentation, but the subject matter and general 'vibe' is unique to each.
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  13. Buy the Stars is dross.
  14. I think I've listened to Buy The Stars in full maybe like, twice? Yawn.
  15. I hate Numb.
  16. I love Buy the Stars but welp.
  17. I have to say, there's only one Marina album track I fully dislike and that's Girls, I wasn't a fan when it was released and it's dated horribly.
  18. She should feel guilty for creating Guilty.
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  19. I kind of love Guilty. It's so weird and creepy.
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  20. I'm not a fan of "Girls" either. Other songs on The Family Jewels do quirky much better and aren't nearly as irritating. The middle eight is a bit of a moment anyway.
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