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Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. The Family Jewels is the only Marina album I struggle with because I can't just turn off and listen to it, I need to fight my way through it. But I really like The Family Jewels regardless of Marina's quirks. It's pure off-the-wall Marina when she was bursting with creative and misdirected ideas. It's the sound of someone who didn't know what sort of artist they wanted to be, someone optimistic who hadn't yet compromised in order to shift units and be a big pop superstar. She was new and not caught up in trying to keep her label happy. I sometimes think it's her best album. But only sometimes. It's very messy though always compelling and full of extremes. My favourite is Shampain even though I hate the spelling.
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  2. The Family Jewels is seriously one of my favourite albums ever. It felt more relevant to me when I first discovered Marina in my early teens, but even when I come back to it now I never skip any songs. It's truly one of a kind and just oozes character. It's so very her and encapsulates Marina's young, quirky and angsty yet ambitious 2010 self perfectly, just like Froot does where she is now, but everybody can find themselves in one lyric or another.
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  3. Hermit the Frog is one of her songs that fans either love or loathe. I didn't care for Hermit on my first couple of plays but after I started watching older live performances it became one of my favorites. Especially this performance:

    Queen of "I'm so goth I'm dead".
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  4. Love.
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  5. Hypocrates says otherwise.
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  6. Hypocrates is the highlight for me?
  7. Hypocrates is great. Give me it over Valley Of The Dolls and Living Dead any day.
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  8. Without a doubt. I even prefer Hypocrates to Fear and Loathing! Certainly wouldn't be in my bottom five from the album.
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  9. GET. OUT.
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  10. Huh? I use Valley Of The Dolls, Fear & Loathing, and Living Dead way more than the Dr. Luke tracks(Primadonna, How To Be A Heartbreaker, Lies) or Hypocrates.

    This live performance of Fear & Loathing is life giving.
  11. The live performances of the first album are just heaven. I could watch for years.
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  12. I think 'Buy The Stars' is in my top 10. I just find it terribly beautiful.
  13. Fear and Loathing is amazing and one of the best on Electra. Valley of the Dolls and Living Dead are respectively boring and repetitive.
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