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Marina & the Diamonds - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Whew the mood in here is rank.
  2. Even Love + Fear had a few great songs, so people acting like Marina's totally lost it or that this album is going to be irredeemably awful by default really is doing way too much.
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  3. I disagree, the drop in quality was so steep into bland, dry and boring that it was enough for me to think she's lost it. About Love and the preview of Pink Convertible aren't any better but again, I hope to be proven wrong.
  4. I kind of don’t think some of you do.
  5. I think it's very odd how people really turned their backs on her but I also don't blame them at all dd. She's been messy not only musically so I can understand it leaving a sour taste with the bland music. But ever since 2012 I had moments that she felt very... odd.

    I'm excited because this time around it feels that she probably has a mission\vision for the record and not just recording a bunch of cute-popbopz and then "Hmm this will work". Even the visuals from Love+Fear, coming from someone who really made "Tumblr-Pink-Alteregos" and "Neon Jungle in Space", felt like she just wasn't interested at all. It was a patchwork, at best.
  6. I agreed with you, but she didn't lost it, she choose to be this way. It all start with her stage name change, the rest is history..........
  7. If the album #5 follows her albums' pattern (A Bit Iconic -> A Bit Basic -> Very Iconic -> Very Basic) we're in for a good one dd
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  8. Yeah I get the feeling that some people are actively hoping that it’s shit so then can post their hot takes and snatch a few likes in the process.
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  9. I hope she starts writing about herself again. Ironically, that's when her songs are more relatable.
    Leave the social commentary on Twitter and give us another

  10. Her and Lana being good friends makes so much sense. I'm torn between leaving them both in 2012 and anxiously anticipating every move they make.
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  11. I don't know if this album will be a return to form, but I do think that it will be better than Love + Fear.

    I know we've only heard tiny snippets of new music so far, so that's not much to go on. Lyrically, the new songs are still a bit too on the nose, but sonically, they sound like they might be a step in the right direction.

    My main problem with the last album was that uninspired, Spotify-lite production (especially on the "Fear" side). To me, the odd lyrical clunker here and there is not so bad if the music at least sounds interesting.
  12. I think this is unfair. I criticize her last album not only because it was shit, but because I care. I want her to succeed. I'm just a bit skeptical about this because I don't know what lessons she took away from the last era.
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  13. The positivity in here

    efiL ruoy yojnE
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  14. I found more to like on Love + Fear than most of you seemed to, but that album was clearly all down to landing Baby and everyone involved expecting her to get a No.1 smash on the back of Clean Bandit's run. It was an album of songs designed to appeal to anyone who liked Baby (which is why some of the demos sound more Marina). It just all went wrong, as usual.

    Usually a lack of success when it's expected brings out the best in Marina's songwriting, so I'm going to show some faith and look forward to it - those first 3 albums are in my all time faves, and plenty of artists turn it around when written off.
  15. That leaked demo of Karma remains my favorite thing to come out of Love + Fear.

    Some of the writing was straight up bad but the flat production was one of the biggest issues with the album. There are a few good songs that would’ve worked a lot better if the production was changed a bit.

    I’m open to whatever’s next for her. Keep the tone-deaf hot takes to a minimum and find some new collaborators.
  16. I love her she's so crazy.jpg

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  17. I thought old threads get locked to avoid confusion? Pretty sure one of the moderators implemented that recently. Anyways I’m intrigued to see where she’ll take us next. I liked a couple of songs from the last album but I can’t say I revisit it much.
  18. I am shook that she is gonna release a new record after 5 years.
  19. Well, Marina, have you?
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Re-listened to Froot's title track for the first time in way too long and it's a vibe huh.
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