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Marina & the Diamonds - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. & the Diamonds...

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  2. Ballad! Not a fan of the title.
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  3. What’s wrong with the title?
  4. Can't see what's meant to be wrong with the title either, and the lyrics just from that clip make it pretty obvious the song is about seeking solitude because it's preferable to putting on an act in front of others.

    Love + Fear and some of Marina's social media output has deserved the draggings but at times some of it does feel a bit 'look at that bitch eating crackers'.
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  5. The snippet sounds great to me, but the title doesn’t do it justice whatsoever. It’s very “adjective + noun that purposefully doesn’t fit with said adjective”, Maybe I just don’t like the word “loner”, lol.
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  6. Did you... even listen to the lyrics? Good grief.
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  7. Yes, and the title still looks like a high schooler’s poetry submission. Sorry, but I genuinely dislike it! I’ll shift a few letters and pretend it’s called “Happy Alone”.
  8. "Happy Loner" gives me Electra Heart ("Teen Idle") teas and I'm here for that.

    Can I also point out that "Radioactive" turned eight this year? What the fuck?!
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  9. You do you I guess!
  10. I hear a piano and I'm immediately thinking Family Jewels.
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  11. The snippet sounds nice and everything but that key and melody is very

  12. I also got some Family Jewels vibes and I would love that
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  13. Cautiously optimistic but a little worried after the last album.... but boy i sure loved "Enjoy Your Life"
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  14. Since I didn't see a general discussion thread....I listened to entire Marina discography on shuffle yesterday and turns out the Love + Fear songs are individually fine but for some reason it's one giant chore to listen to in one go?
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  15. People do way too much over Love + Fear. Yeah it's her worst album, mostly because it lacks her distinctive style, but it's still a nice listen.
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  16. I think she just ruined it for us with the way she promoted it (apart from the few lines that people have pointed out as actually problematic). It painted her in a very negative light and left a bad aftertaste. I still feel discouraged from getting excited about what's coming next... But I'm definitely here to check it out!
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  17. Yeah it's nice in little bursts.
  18. I'm still surprised her brain sputtered out the whole OoOOooOOOrange thing and thought it deserved to be put in a song.

    But I'm here for whatever she brings cause nostalgia is a binch and she's still the artist that soundtracked half of last decade ñññ
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  19. It's crazy to see songs like Bubblegum Bitch and Teen Idle have over 70 million streams?! Lies has over 50 million as well. Electra Heart was really giving the give, huh.
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