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MARINA (& the Diamonds) - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Happy tenth anniversary to Fear & Loathing and the beginning of the Electra Heart era <3

  2. That was so amazing !
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  3. What do you mean its been 10 years.
  4. Electra Heart was the best era for any popstars. Just perfect.
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  5. Fear & Loathing is one of her all-time best songs.
  6. A true momenT
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  7. Her finest song (and potentially the best era-opening buzz track of all time), I can't believe we've hit 10 years. I need Electra Heart anniversary tour dates.
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  8. Scrolling through the tumblr archive and rewatching all the videos… this is taking me all the way BACK

    Can we go back, go back to the start?

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  9. I hope one in the future day she revives Electra Heart as a slightly bitter but avant garde older woman with many ex-husbands who still clinges to the one time she chased success in her youth.
  10. Unrelated to the Electra heart love but I’m so happy when I went to play it that “Hermit the Frog” was the second song on her top tracks at the moment (even if I know it’s for tik tok)
  11. Alexa, play Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land by MARINA
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  12. She has confirmed in a podcast, that she has reworked "Happy Looner" for a deluxe version soon, and that she loves it.
    Meanwhile the instrumental for "Pink Convertible" is out there ...
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  13. Happy Looner tho.
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  14. The State Of Dreaming remains fucking flawless.
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  15. Marina Top 3
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  16. Fear & Loathing is one of her best tracks. The introspection, self reflection, etc. Immaculate. The track has so much humanity at it's core.
  17. Mabel's "Time After Time" cover for the McDonald's Christmas advert reminded me of Marina's brilliant version of "True Colors" - does anybody know the backstory of her cover? I'm wondering if it was commissioned for the Center Parcs TV campaign around that time (the version they used is by a fairly unknown male singer) -

    Was Marina's ever available on streaming or to download?
  18. No, but it was intended for a charity compilation, if I remember correctly. I don't think it was ever for a FROOT repack.
  19. FROOT should have ended with I'm not hungry anymore (but a good mix of it) followed by True Colours
  20. I don't know why I was so pressed for the whole Electra Heart era but I think I stanned Radioactive so fiercely that it not really being part of the 'family' fucked me off. I honestly wasn't interested in any of it until Power & Control was put on the playlist at my first retail job, which made me somewhat reassess a couple of track. And my boyfriend at the time was a singer and would sing State of Dreaming around the flat sometimes (probably what put me off dd).

    I've seen the light since, but I still think Froot is my fave.
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