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Marina & the Diamonds - The Family Jewels

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Seeing as how the album will be released in the next month, I thought it warranted its own topic. Previews available now on iTunes. I am very excited.

  2. I'm very excited about this album too. The previews sound fantastic.

    Is it just my imagination or is Obsessions ever so slightly subtley different from the single version?
  3. I love that cover more than life itself.
  4. Seems like she's tinkered quite a bit with several of them, most surprisingly the verses of Hollywood. Shampain has been pleasantly beefed up. I hear a few more background vocals in Obsessions.

    I *also* love that cover. Hence its prominent position in the thread!
  5. I thought so too. A few others sounded a bit more polished too I thought.
  6. Yeah it's additional backing vocals that I hear on 'Obsessions'. From what I could tell I don't think either of the other two singles have been tampered with.

    I love the artwork too, although maybe they should have restrained the photo editors with the airbrush a little...
  7. I think it's meant to look like a painting maybe, but they haven't really done it convincingly so it just looks like a botched airbrushing job.

    If that genuinely is just airbrushing to make her look "better" then that is truly awful graphic design. Look at the teeth!
  8. I've said this before but I'll say it again; "Numb" is the best song she's recorded so far that I've heard. Not too happy with the lyrical changes on "Hollywood". "Oh No" and "Rootless" sound brilliant!

    From what can I hear "The Family Jewels" would've made a perfect album opener. But then again, I haven't heard the whole thing.
  9. Oh come on, it's incredibly stylised. Quite obvious it's intentional - she's pasted on top of some granny cushion fabric!
  11. I've always felt it has that old-photo-artificially-colored look that I actually find intriguing. Or maybe it is just to make her look like a Barbie...Either way nice to see that those were the references.
  12. I will never get tired of agreeing with this!
  13. Numb is immense, gorgeous, almost spiritual. I hope the added changes in production on the album version don't destroy it. The demo was so fragile and beautiful.

  14. I have to say that I think judging from these clips that these tracks have been very delicately enhanced and enriched.

    The album sounds incredible based on these clips.
  15. 'Hermit' is like Mowgli toned down.
    Are You Satisfied? Sounds like a strong, quirky pop opener.
    'Numb' is probably mind-blowing-- Robot Part 2.

    Hollywood also has different lyrics! Sounds like a different song! But still awesome...Although I hope they didn't delete the "Shakira..Zeta..Marina" line.

    All in all, I will DEFINITELY buy this album--the previews are amazing!
  16. Started a thread then realised there already was one. Bump!!!
  17. Bbbbrrrrriiiiillliiiiiiiaaaaaaannnnnnnt.

    That is all.
  18. Album mix of 'Hollywood' is amazing... love the stronger beat and extra verses! Has more energy than the single mix... weird!
  19. 'Oh No!' makes me do some quite frankly embarassing miming. This is a sure sign of its brilliance.

    The whole thing is fantastic, really. Although the rather harsh message of 'Girls' have been pointed out by someone to me, I still can't help but love it - "wag your tail, wag your tail to the beat!", not to mention the "girls allowed" bit which THANK GOD made it back in (sadly no "I love your botox, bitch!"). 'Numb' and 'The Outsider' have been spruced up to perfection too.

    And I can't even go into how amazing 'Hermit the Frog' is right now. Such emotion in that chorus.

    (It's almost midnight which means I can almost say that it's a week today until I see her live. Cannot WAIT.)
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