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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popknark, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Today it was announced that Joni Was Right, Pt. II will be released on September 9th - here's Marit's Instagram picture with the announcement: Here is a link to the iTunes pre-order of Joni Was Right, Pt. II: Eventually a CD and a vinyl which combines the ten tracks of the two EPs will be available from Marit's product/merchandise site:
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  2. Joni Was Right is her best album followed by Spark.
    When The Morning Comes is her worst.
  3. Yesterday Marit shared on her Instagram account that she has been working on a new record and has been finishing up the cover art. Here is her post:

    I still listen to her music every week so I am happy that she has been making more music!
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  4. On Friday May 13th Marit is releasing a new single, in Norwegian, called "Hva er igjen av oss" ("What's Left of Us"). She shared the song with those who had signed up for her newsletter, and wrote a bit about the making of the song. She collaborated with the Norwegian author Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold, who helped her with the lyrics. Owen Pallett wrote the strings arrangement, and there was a 20 people big orchestra who played the strings that were recorded. The well-known Norwegian musicians Morten Qvenild and Pål Hausken also contributed on the recording.

    The song is here:

    It is past midnight in Norway which is why I can access the link.

    Personally I am very much fascinated with this song. It is one that I will play many times. Her voice sounds so characteristic.
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  5. Hva er igjen av oss is sooooo good. Obsessed with her harmonies and the orchestration. Beautiful first taste of the new album.
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  6. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, @Euphoria! I definitely agree with you about all of what you said.

    Marit will release more new music this Friday! She will send the music to newsletter subscribers tomorrow, like she did with "Hva er igjen av oss". You can sign up for her newsletter at

    Here's her Instagram post about it:

  7. Marit's new song "På et sekund" (which translates to "In a Second") is out! It's about "taking a break from whatever it is you feel stuck in, about the need to soak up some normality again, even though you are not completely past the moment of grief." (quote from Marit's newsletter) Owen Pallett did the strings arrangement. Morten Qvenild plays the keys on it. It's a nice song. I needed to listen to this one several times in a row to get a bit more under the skin of it.
  8. Today Marit released a cover version of a Norwegian song called "For vår jord" ("For Our Earth") originally by singer Anita Skorgan. A part of this recording is featured on a Norwegian TV commercial.

    The TV commercial can be seen here:

    And the song is here:
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  9. I really miss the days when she was making catchy pop songs.
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  10. I can understand that you feel that way. I don't feel the same but I respect that you feel that way.

    Marit said in a TV interview published today that back when she lived in the US (before 2019) she found that her writing sessions for lyrics resulted in Norwegian lyrics and that is why these new songs are in Norwegian. She also said that finding the right match between the lyrics and the melodies is one of her favourite things.
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