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Mark Owen - The Art of Doing Nothing (4th Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marie_05, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Mark Owen will release a new solo album soon, titled 'The Art of Doing Nothing'. The video for his new single has been filmed in Berlin.

    Rumoured tracklist:

    1. Animals
    2. Carnival
    3. Giveaway
    4. Heavens Falling
    5. Raven
    6. S.A.D
    7. Stars
    8. The End Of Everything
    9. The One
    10. Us And Ours

    Writers: Mark Owen/Jamie Norton/Ben Mark


    I think Mark's solo material is very underrated. I really liked 'In Your Own Time' and 'How The Mighty Fall', so fingers crossed this one will be just as good!
  2. The title though.
  3. *cue chart performance joke*
  4. I used to like his solo stuff circa 2004 but can't remember any of it. He always struck me as a very nice and talented guy who was underrated 'just because' [boyband past].
  5. It'll be very interesting to see how his solo career fares as this is his first stuff post new-take that and Shine/Up all night. Ive liked all his singles and even though i don't think hes a very good singer Id like to see him do well cos he usually releases quite interesting stuff.
  6. Strange that "4 Minute Warning" was so big but the album flopped so hard.
  7. Marks's released three albums?!
  8. The last album was VERY good
  9. I love the title of this - probably the only reason why I will listen to this as although I really like him but his voice is just not that likeable.
  10. His voice is god-awful. It always takes my enjoyment of a Take That song down a few notches when Mark takes the lead vocal. I guess it was because he was 'the cute one' back in the day that he got to sing the lead on Babe etc., because for me, Howard has a better voice.
  11. Stupidly excited about this! "In Your Own Time" is amazing, "Kill With Your Smile" is one of the best indie pop songs ever written! genius.
  12. Just what the world needs???

    At least this is 10 more shit songs he can't foist on Take That.
  13. It really is terrible. It ruins the better songs and makes the bad ones (the excruciating What Do You Want From Me being a prime example) ten times worse.

    Although Howard and Jason aren't technically any better, at least their voices are just about listenable.
  14. Yes, and the last two were up there with the best of Take That. It's a shame many people wouldn't give his solo material a chance because they can't get past the vocals, the songs are definitely worth it.

    I don't know if the obvious flop joke in the album title is intentional this time around, but 'How The Mighty Fall' certainly was! Gotta love him for picking self-aware album titles. Tulisa, take note!
  15. I was just wondering when this would be out. Looks like new Take That will have to wait 'til 2014 then.
  16. I like it
    I like him/his voice
    Cant wait.
  17. Tour in June (the week of the album's release). Tickets on sale Friday 10th May, £27.50 (which is a little pricey if you ask me, considering we've only heard one song from the album).
  18. The new single is fantastic.
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