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Mark Owen - The Art of Doing Nothing (4th Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marie_05, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Oh, I did not expect that..but this is really good and also the all the videos on his page are really artistic. Well done, Mark. (so far)
  2. Love this not a fan of Take That but i have really enjoyed every mark owen solo song i have heard
  3. It's AWESOME! cant wait for the album and tour!
  4. Well, that's a brilliant song and video. Wasn't expecting that.
  5. The problem with Mark Owen is even with a good song he still has that horrible voice. I can't believe he's still trying.
  6. I like his voice. It's distinctive.
  7. Saw the video today and liking it so far - a grower I think.

  8. Heaven's Falling is great! I also think this is the best artwork I can think of for a long time.
  9. This album is actually really good but I haven't found any love for Heaven's Falling so far.
  10. the duet with Ren Harvieu - S.A.D. - is quite lovely.
  11. This is pretty good and "Heaven" is fantastic.
  12. I really like this album, although I do think the last two were a bit better (for now). I wish more people would bother with his solo material, but then again, his voice is obviously an acquired taste and I get the impression that he lost a lot of goodwill due to everything that went on in 2010. It's such a shame, songs like Close To The Edge and Pieces Of Heaven are perfection.

    The album isn't doing very well on iTunes at all (and that's a bit of an understatement), hopefully he can at least make the top 40!
  13. I have just come across his latest single 'Sad' whilst browsing on YouTube, how has this single not done better its amazing!!! I think im gonna buy this album after hearing the first 2 singles, this is a million times better than the crap Take That release

    Here's the video cant believe views are so low for someone so famous
  14. I didn't even know that this song has been released!

    Will, I'm sure you will love his album, it's really good. Okay, thank to Take That he has enough money but he would really deserve more success with his solo stuff.
  15. just bought the album and had first listen through, apart from 2 singles 'Raven' is a stand out!! but its generally really impressive
  16. The thing is Mark Owen is not particularly famous. Take That the b(r)and are famous.

  17. Oh yes, "Raven" is my favourite as well.
  18. Well, I guess Polydor has to throw money at something until the Take That comeback:

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