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Mark Owen - The Art of Doing Nothing (4th Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marie_05, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. More like The Art of Selling Nothing.
  2. great video
  3. The new video is quite nice.
  4. Robyn called, Mark. She thinks it's time you two had a talk.
  5. Oh Mark. Marky Marky Marky Mark.
  6. This album grows on me with every listen. Such wonderful melodies.
  7. Bump. More people need to listen to this fantastic album.
  8. Scream.
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  9. I'm really not though. I liked Patience and Shine and their Progress album was good. However I own all the Mark Owen albums. I think I just like his quirky voice and he is a really good lyricist.
  10. His first solo album isn't very good but the rest are all 8/10 and above. The Art of Doing Nothing is better than most Take That albums.
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  11. Bump because... I really love Mark's voice and always enjoy his tracks on the Take That albums.

    I wonder if he'll release another solo album if Take That are no longer touring.
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  12. Bump successfull I guess, as I had not heard this before and I didn't check the timestamps at first...Carnival is quite nice.
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  13. I'd love this to happen - especially with Take That saying Odyssey is the "end of chapter two" and that they don't know what's coming next etc. - but I'm not holding my breath. He's never been the most confident about his own solo work and I think he needed to say everything he needed to say at the time with The Art of Doing Nothing, so I can't see him doing it. Sadly.

    That said, I still listen to this album regularly.
  14. I really love this album. The only issue I have is the sound. I have bought multiple digital copies and the physical but they all sound so low. I wish it would have been mixed and mastered a little better.
  15. I agree, it is mixed so low that you really have to bump up the volume.
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  16. After hearing/reading somewhere that Gary intends to take a year off after the TT tour the thought did enter my head that MAYBE this could lead to solo album number 5 from mark.

    It would be great if this were to happen, and if his last couple of albums had shifted a few more units I’d be reasonably optimistic about the chances. But for some reason the general public just don’t seem to connect with mark as a solo artist and it wouldn’t surprise if he (and his label) thought “why bother?”.

    It’s been nearly 6 years now and I’d just *love* to hear new material from mark though. It doesn’t even need to be newly recorded, I’d be happy with a collection of shelved songs/mixes like the ones that got listed on Wikipedia for the super-deluxe version of TAODN that never got released, the acoustic version of The One that he sang on radio 2, studio versions of Lantern, Song 4 and Sleeping In Your Head (I’m pretty sure they must exist for the latter two at least).

    Please mark!! :)
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  17. I think if he does it, it's going to have to be independently.
  18. I'd love this, Lantern especially. I love a lot of his unreleased songs, but they're in such shit quality on YouTube/online that they're hardly worth listening to.

    If that fails I'd love another solo tour as I never got round to seeing him in 2013.
  19. Yes another solo tour would be ace. Really enjoyed the 2013 tour despite no Close To The Edge in the setlist!

    Does anyone happen to know where this version of Four Minute Warning originates from? I stumbled across it by chance on YouTube and had absolutely no idea it existed til now. It’s not massively different to the final/released version but it’s got me curious none the less!

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  20. Close To The Edge is very nearly his best track, so there’s no excuse for leaving it off. It actually would have worked as a Take That single as well, I think (and a bloody great one at that).
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