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Mark Owen - The Art of Doing Nothing (4th Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marie_05, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Could be the unmixed version or demo?
  2. Yes I sometimes wonder how some of mark’s solo songs would have been received by the general public/TT fans if they had been presented to the world as TT songs.

    Close to the edge, sorry lately, baby I’m no good, makin out and stars could all have been massive in an alternative universe!
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  3. Yes that could well be it! I think it’s possibly a little bit too polished to be a demo version though, it kinda feels like a finished version that they revisited at the last minute just to give it a bit more oomph. I can’t believe I’m only discovering it for the first time some 15 and a half years later!
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  4. Just me that thinks Mark's solo material is very underrated? His last 2 solo albums in particular are very, very good.
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  5. You Only Want Me is brilliant although I dare say it will go largely unnoticed by the GP. I am most definitely here for this, however. It’s a been a long wait!

    audio of the song is here…

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  6. Wow that artwork is terrible.
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  7. I don't love the artwork either really but thankfully the new song sounds great.

    Ii have pre-ordered the signed vinyl. I always really enjoy Mark's solo material, despite a lot of flack he gets.
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  8. Mark looks like a cross between Keith Lemon and Grandad from Only fools and horses these days.
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  9. I get the impression he's going for a George Harrison type aesthetic.
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  10. MB


    I like the song and he put on a great performance at last weeks ITV Jubilee concert which is being shown on tv over the jubilee so least he's got a big promo slot. He wore a lovely gold sparkly suit but did look a bit like he'd just been dug up.
  11. You Only Want Me grows on me with every listen
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  12. He performed yesterday live on The Nattional Lottery

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  13. You Only Want Me has been made “record of the week” by BBC Radio 2.

    Totally deserved, but colour me *completely* shocked - really not used to Marks solo work being recognised/appreciated like this!
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  14. He's always been ignored pretty much as a solo artist but really has some great material. It's nice that he keeps releasing albums as not many would after such little success.
  15. 2nd song coming this Friday!

    Very surprised given that YOWM is still all over Radio 2 & that the album release is still months away. Certainly not complaining though!

    PS - can we change the title of this thread to 5th album / Land Of Dreams?
  16. Different for him but I sort of dig it

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  17. You Only Want Me is far better than the new one.
  18. Wow… Mark as we have never heard him before! Love that he is brave enough to do something like this. The production is amazing too, love all the twiddly organ sounds and the strings.

    Probably not as instantly catchy as You Only Want Me but I’m still really enjoying listening to it nonetheless. Am sure it will continue to grow with each listen too.

    The new album is shaping up really nicely, it’s just a shame that release date is so far away.
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