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Mark Owen - The Art of Doing Nothing (4th Solo Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marie_05, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. After a couple of listens to Magic I’m reaaaally loving it. It comes as a bit of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting to like to so much - I’d only previously seen/heard live snippets of the song from the summer festivals which left me feeling a bit meh.

    This is seriously good though and I’m so excited for the new album. I mean, I was already tbh but even more so now. This song would be massive if released by someone more “cool”.
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  2. I can't get over how good 'Magic' is, I have it on repeat. Is there a thread for his new album?
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  3. no, I think this is it!
  4. No, this is the only thread. @marie_05 might want to update the thread name perhaps?
  5. Apparently number 2 in midweeks. Absolutely amazing! And a few HMV signings to come this week, although not sure if those sales are already included (you had to order online first to reserve a place).

    the album itself is great. I’ll be honest tho, it took me a couple of listens to get into it properly but that’s not uncommon for me. Was still a relief to find the songs growing on me though!

    Superpower is an odd choice for the opener - I like it, and it’s not as if it’s beyond marks usual quirkiness - but it’s not what I was expecting to hear at track number 1.

    as for the other new tracks - Being Human stood out immediately, and Boy is also really strong. Come back is a grower and worth a listen just for his daughters vocals near the end. Superb voice.

    can’t believe what a resounding success this era is shaping up to be (even if it does disappear off the charts on week 2). Land of Dreams is album of the week on Radio 2 and they still have the superb Magic on their A playlist. Mark must be absolutely made up with the way things are going right now.
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