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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Do we have any details? Who he is working with? How many songs etc., I only know that Steve Anderson produced Love Is A Drug.
  2. I believe Steve Anderson has been heavily involved with most, if not all of the album going by the tweets. I haven't heard much about anyone else, but he did say after Love Is A Drug was released people were much more open to write with him.
  3. The press release that went out with Love Is A Drug said he was collaborating on the album with Steve Anderson, Jakwob and Jim Eliot.
  4. I think I read somewhere that MoJam produced the single, Mark did however co-wrote the song with Anderson.

    If he decides to keep all of the songs he revealed during a few gigs that he held, we know so far:

    Back To Yours
    Wash The Pain Away
    Cut You Out
    Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
    Only you

    and 2 songs that we only know the titles, Casablanca & Summer (If Only For A Little While)

    Including Love Is A Drug, that is 11 songs. I presume a couple more will be on, 12-13 is usually the standard edition nowadays, and if he decides to have a deluxe edition as well, then it is a few songs more there...
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  5. Mark on Twitter:

    Current scenario:production/creative meeting for video no.2! Single 2 has been chosen ;p
  6. Mark on Twitter:

    Sum really exciting stuff next week.I'll b giving y'all a little present &also filming the video for my next single
  7. I presume it is indeed Butterfly that will be the 2nd single single as he has a cap with a B on it. I hope we will learn something else by the end of the week, judging by that tweet from a few days ago. He talked about a "little present".

    At this point I just want to know the release date of the album so I can know how long I need to wait for it...
  8. Butterfly does seem very likely, what a song as well!!

    This is the song for anyone who doesn't know:

    I need this in HQ ASAP!
  9. That thumbnail.

    Butterfly is 99% to be next.
  10. I have been trying to not hear any of his live stuff... waiting on proper recordings but that sounds SOOOO GOOOOOD - so hope it is the single now!!!
  11. Mark wrote a pretty funny post on Facebook:

    So...Im in the make up chair on this shoot and while I'm waiting around Im just saying: the other day I was asking why people do so many hashtags and then that post got the MOST reach out of any post I even put up! So that answered the question in itself...people do it to get the most out of a post! So for one post only as a test,I'm just gonna hashtag myself into oblivion

    ‪#‎katyperry‬ ‪#‎harrystyles‬ ‪#‎westlife‬ ‪#‎barackobama‬ ‪#‎justinbieber‬ ‪#‎ladygaga‬‪#‎rihanna‬ ‪#‎onedirection‬ ‪#‎america‬ ‪#‎europe‬ ‪#‎summer‬ ‪#‎holidays‬ ‪#‎trending‬‪#‎bigboobs‬ ‪#‎justintimberlake‬ ‪#‎instagram‬ ‪#‎tits‬ ‪#‎youtube‬ ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬
  12. He forgot the ever constant #instagay #gay #gayboy #imgay #ilikeboys #homosexual #imdoingthisironicallyiswear that you see all over!
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  13. #instabear would do
  14. That's hilarious, it worked for him too!

    Prezzie time tomorrow!
    Hello to you.And you and you and you.I have this present I was talking about for you tomorrow, very excited! Cant tell you any more right now but make sure you're here tomorrow!
  15. Mark presented new song called Find My Way, it can be downloaded for free on his website:

    I really like it!
  16. I wasn't sure at first, but as it gets going it's pretty good, not a patch on the songs we've heard at the live event though.
  17. Yeah, it definitely grows on you. This is just a good album track in my opinion, not every song has to be epic.

    By the way, from Mark's Twitter:

    I was joking my album with be out this year 100%

    Definitely between now and 2018 :) RT @nicole_araya: @MarkusFeehily when the album will be out?

    I truly hope he was joking that album won't be released this year. I mean, his management company did say everything is decided and finished so why we would have to wait much longer?
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