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Markus Feehily

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. I know that but I forgot to mention, I just explained why he doesn't mind switching the names. But yeah, it is his birth name that he decided to use as his professional stage name now as a solo artist.

    I bet the same reaction would occur if Nicky Byrne decided to use his birth name Nicholas haha!
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  2. That's understandable, but it's so confusing because he switches his name so often, it's hard to keep up with it.
  3. I think this is mostly media doing though. They are the ones who say "hello Mark" and he answers to it, he just doesn't correct anyone which is also understandable.
  4. Thank you Markus for making me want to put the Christmas tree up in mid-November... I love it. When it comes to the snippets, his vocals on the River and O Holy Night are insane. He's so underrated.

    This is part of the music video for Merry Christmas Baby apparently:

    Regarding the name "changes", he obviously got sick of people telling him off for the "Markus" thing but I don't get what the big deal is... Even when Westlife were together he had joined Twitter as "Markus Feehily" and then just because he also used it for his solo, all of a sudden people noticed and started talking of a change, which was not really a change, just the use of his full name. Whatever. It looks like haters won and he's released Christmas under "Mark Feehily".
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  5. I didn’t even notice he changed it, thats how much I care about it. I guess its for the best, no one will be confused again, maybe he got sick of the pointless hype around his name.
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  6. He suits Markus though and I prefer it, I'm not too keen on Mark (even though that's what I call my husband in The Sims 4).

  7. Markus looking fine as hell at a Countryside wedding.
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  8. You can watch the full i nterview here:

    He is going on mini tour.

    So he didn't plan the Christmas album after all, Carey tour inspired this.

    Nicky is totally right, Mark does sound the best he ever did.

    The Westlife quiz was hilarious, challenging Justin to dance off, I can't imagine that hahah!

    Overall it is a very nice interview, you can definitely feel the friendship between them. However, I can't believe he didn't know all of the lads birthdays haha!
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I wonder if the VIP is Meet and Greet, that'd be amazing, I'm going anyway, excited to see him in Belfast!
  11. You better stan Mark!
  12. Tell us your review when you go, lucky all of you who can go.
  13. There is a Meet and Greet package available for Belfast and Dublin, it's £80 (€81) and includes a soundcheck followed by a Q & A with Mark (with a front row seat in Dublin).
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  14. It seems Mark has more press interested in him this time around which is great:

    I didn’t know even Simon is pushing for reunion. I think it will definitely happen one day but only when they decide to do it. I also presume Simon won’t push for covers - I find it hilarious how he is so into original music and being yourself on the X Factor when he fucked up so many of his previous acts with dull covers.
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