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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. I'm just going to get the standard admission tickets, myself and my friend both can't afford the Meet and Greet tickets, I mean £173 for two Meet and Greet tickets may be cheap but we just don't have the money.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Finally got tickets to see Mark, can't wait!
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  3. It will be shit unless they get Brian back. I think it's obvious that he was the songwriter of the group.
  4. Shane and Mark proved they are quite good songwriters and so is Nicky actually, he co-wrote his album as well. And not many non-Westlife fans know that all of them as a group co-wrote a few songs completely together (without other songwriters), it wasn't only Brian who wrote. So no, I disagree that the reunion would be shit without him - Simon and Louis just need to give them more freedom, no covers at all. I really think they could create something good now that they have more songwriting experience. The thing is that the label frowned upon any songwriting which is one of the main reason why Brian got tired of it and the others simply felt discouraged - Shane openly admits that in his book.
  5. But have any of them had experience writing for other artists? Brian wrote plenty of great tracks with Delta.

    Having him back in the group would definitely be an asset. He was there for all their best music and success so should definitely be allowed another chance. Especially since the reason he left ended up being their downfall.
  6. Downfall is too strong of a word - they did good without him. It isn’t Brian leaving that caused issues, it is Simon who forced 2 theme cover albums and having them release only 1 single from the last 3 albums. Brian is good but he was also quite immature so I have a feeling they wouldn’t have lasted 14 years with him.
  7. But is it a coincidence that Simon only got away with enforcing that after Brian left? I know he's a bit of a twat but he's still very talented musically. Musically they did have a big downfall.
  8. Brian left because he was tired of the covers he forced them to do even then, Mandy was the last straw for him - Simon would enforce covers even if Brian stayed, no doubt about that. The last 2 Westlife albums were one of their best records they had ever done in my opinion, the only musical downfall is those covers everyone pushed. Even GH had great Beautiful World co-written by Mark and Last Mile of The Way that was co-written by Nicky and Shane.

    No matter what we think though, I doubt they will be back with Brian as they always say they were Westlife longer without him than with him. Personally I'd like to see Brian back but I don't think lads would want that AND that many WL fans would even like that.
  9. They should rewrite that Drunk At The Bar Bryan single that was a giant bop with non-horrific lyrics and get a smash.
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  11. Too bad it isn't longer:

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  12. He sounds sublime on O Holy Night and I LOVE the different take on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The only thing that is a shame is that the album is so short.

    I find it weird that he now has a different profile Mark Feehily on Spotify - they could have at least added Fire on it.
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  13. Did everyone who ordered the Limited Edition CD with Signed Christmas card get an email yesterday saying that the signed Christmas cards were lost and then found again, we won't get them today because of this but we got a free download of Christmas because of this, so that's good.
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