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Markus Feehily

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. River just broke me at my work.
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  2. What's going on with his name? Is he Mark or Markus? Because that's a nightmare from an Apple and Spotify point of view.
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  3. His name is legally Markus as that is his birth name, but his professional name is Mark, he doesn't mind if you call him Mark or Markus.
  4. I liked it but feel as if I've exhausted my tolerance for christmas music.
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  5. He may not, but those people trying to find him in their streaming searches might.
    I genuinely thought it wasn’t available to stream until I saw a Spotify screen grab on the previous page.
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  6. River is the end of me. No, really, how good is he... O Holy Night is killing me softly and I love his take on all the tracks. I am ready for Christmas now!


  7. Glenn and Ronan (Irish vocal duo) will be supporting Mark on his Christmas Unplugged Tour this December. I love how Mark picks not well known singers for his tour, I hope they're good, 15 more days until I see Mark at his Belfast show!
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  8. Bloody love Mark's voice, always have.
    I too didn't think this was on Spotify at first as I searched for Markus.
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  9. Hopefully the performance will end up on Youtube soon.

  10. Seriously, what a voice! Plus, this is the first time he actually sounds exactly like on the record, it all looks effortless.
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  11. Would have made a better album cover
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  12. Mark was on RTE2fm, here is an interview and performance of River and Marry Christmas Baby:

    Way to go Eoghan, you were so prepared for interview, your shock on Carey's tour and other tour days says it all haha!
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  13. I have been waiting for a River performance and, bloody hell, he did not disappoint. His voice sounds better than ever!
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  14. So true. I think he has an ability to sound just like on the record, its something I always admired Shane for. Mark loves to improvise which I love but he used to sound off at times - I think now he got rid of that issue.
  15. Not that I expected anything better but the album charted at #93 in the UK.
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  16. Why is it not on Spotify!?
    What did he expect with a 7 track album that is not available on all platforms...
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  18. Thanks for the link. Oh a name change!? What's wrong with Markus! Mark does sound cooler and is what he is known for Westlife so that makes sense!?

    Wouldn't have been hard to avoid the mini album title by recording 3 more songs and made it a 10 track album. I love artists who do original holiday songs and they do well for the artists (Leona, Kelly Clarkson, Sia).
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